Election Night 2010

November 3, 2010

Well, the Republicans have taken the House. OK, wow us with your genius ideas on getting us out of this mess. Or should I say messes. Good luck!

Denielle sent in something to get us out of our doldrums:

“Given that the temperature just plummeted in NYC and fit’s the season of giving [germs], I thought I’d share a link to some free samples of Emergen-C. Good stuff for preventing colds!!!!”

Thanks Den — I agree, it is good for preventing colds and for providing relief if you get one. My son likes it too.

And here’s some other advice: if you have any sort of sickness that lingers, go to the doctor. I have a cough that has not gone away for almost six weeks. I finally broke down and went to the doctor this morning. Long story short, I have a version of bronchitis and needed a Z pack…I took the first day’s dose this morning and already feel better. See, people: this is why we need universal healthcare for all!! 🙂


Lots of mail this week — reader Jeannie wrote in to tell me she employed my suggestion for having her kids trade in their candy for a toy of their choice. “The kids just picked their items and loved the idea. Thank you!” You’re welcome! Isn’t it great when you can find a solution that’s win-win for all?

Even Steven

I feel like more and more places are closing. On Sunday Austin and I tried to go to Johnny Rockets for lunch, and it closed! Then I read that Cafe Spice, a reliable favorite of ours, closed. But, rather than a Sleepy’s mattress store moving in, Jackson Diner, a great Indian restaurant from Queens, is moving into the space on University and 11th. So that’s good news.

As they say, when a door shuts, a window opens…or something like that.


CNN has way too many pundits shooting their mouths off.

We have new voting machines here, scanners, and I just think they are rife with potential problems. the type on the ballot is small, everyone I know (including my husband) forgot or didn’t realize there were initiatives to vote on on the back of the ballot, and there isn’t much privacy. It’s almost 2011. Can’t anyone figure out a better way?



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