Do It Yourself Halloween

October 26, 2010

My kids love to decorate for Halloween. We have one rule: everything has to be homemade, not store bought. This gives the kids incentive to take on some craft projects and, frankly, I think it gives the apartment a warmer, cozier feel. This year Austin took it upon himself to draw a huge skeleton, a graveyard (somehow he knew the tombstones should say “RIP”), and a ghost saying “boo.” We hung them on our front door for all passersby to see.

One other thing he made was a super cute bat, which you can easily make with your kids. You’ll need black construction paper, scissors, glue, googly eyes and lots of Halloween stickers. Cut out a bat shape from the black paper. If you need to, sketch it beforehand and then cut out. Have your child glue on the eyes. Then let them go to town decorating it with the stickers. That’s it! Before you know it, you have a super cute bat to hang up and admire. You can also glue it onto a popsicle stick to create a puppet if you want.

You can easily take some white paper and do the same to make a ghost.

And remember, what do ghosts like to eat for dinner? Spook-etti!!

Happy Halloween!!

New Restaurant Alert

This weekend Ken and I checked out Bistro de la Gare on Hudson Street. It was a cute little place with pretty typical French fare. Definitely cozy, and it was packed. The roast chicken was tasty and Ken gave a thumbs up to the bread and butter pudding.

We also went to Flex Mussels on 13th Street, which has the worst name but tasty food. (Ken’s only complaint was they charge extra for the fries. It’s moules frites, people!) The mussels are the stand out although they have other things too — for dessert the freshly made donuts are pretty spectacular. But make sure and order as a group as it’s a pretty large sampling. I really like the floor and the backlit artwork.


Is everyone sick of all the political ads? The whole thing is like a bad dream I just want to be over. Rip the band aid off already.

It’s unseasonably warm. Not sure what to wear tomorrow…by the way I did not get into bed before 11 last night. Damn you, list of things to do!!


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