Hail to the Cheese

October 20, 2010

I just watched the season finale of Mad Men. I won’t ruin anything but I will say it is such a great show and I am so mad it won’t be on til next summer!! I guess it will give me more free time every week.

No one can resist Euphoria

Today, we’re talking cheese. Who can resist a good one? I have always been a fan of goat’s milk cheese — many of them have this yummy, slightly butterscotch taste. There’s a sweet Gjetost from Norway that I’ve always liked, which has almost a caramel taste. Recently I discovered Euphoria Sheep Milk Gouda, which has a nutty butterscotch taste. I discovered it at Murray’s, which is one of the best cheese shops ever! It used to be a tiny spot in the West Village, but several years ago it moved to bigger digs on Bleecker and it is still a gem. Take a number and when it’s your turn they will lead you down a path of tastings that will inevitably end up with some of the yummiest cheese you’ve ever sliced into.

But back to Euphoria. Apparently it was created for the American market, given its slight sweetness. They suggest to have it with drinks like Sherry or Port. I say just cut into it and enjoy. Definitely enlivens any cheese plate. Ask your local cheese shop if they carry it. My 3 year old is a fan too! ($16.99 a pound on sale in store at Murray’s, 254 Bleecker Street, or check it out online here.)


I’m so flipped out by the political theater playing out across the country that I can’t really comment. It’s like a weird movie that you just wish would stop. The gubernatorial debate last night in New York was so crazy that it ended with the Republican candidate walking offstage during the closing statements because he had to go to the bathroom. Seriously. You’d think there weren’t any problems to be dealt with.

In my openings/closings report earlier this week, I forgot to mention that REI has reportedly signed for space in the Puck Building. That could be cool. I do like a lot of their stuff.

This week is another doozy. Chin up!


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