October 19, 2010

This story from guest blogger Rebecca goes against 2 rules I have: Never borrow money, and never get involved with crazy people. Rules to live by, I tell you!

I woke up this morning to what I thought was a regular school day.  My usual morning routine is rushing at the fastest speed possible (which is super slow and really difficult considering I AM NOT a morning person).  I then managed to get the kids off to school.  The first kid will be getting on the 7:10 bus, the next kid at 7:20 and the third kid at 9:00.   As I was getting ready to catch the 9am bus, the phone rings.  That’s funny, no one calls on my house phone.  “Hello,” I say.  I noticed on the caller ID, it was the class mom in my daughter’s class.  “Hi,” the mom says.  You know that saying “you’ve been blind sided,” well, welcome to my day.

(Set up) Last week was back to school night for parents.  At the end of evening it was time to give class dues.  I did not have any cash with me, so I told the class mom I would drop off money at her house.  She said something like, “don’t be silly, I’ll lay out the money and you can send it in to school tomorrow with your daughter.  Just put my kid’s name on the envelope.”  Okay, I thought to myself, that’s awfully nice of her and unnecessary, as we have a whole year before these dues will be used.  This mom and I had met years ago. We had actually been at her kid’s birthday party way back when.  Oh yeah, we had also gone to dinner a few times with her and her husband around 7 years ago.  That was cool with me if she wanted to lay out the funds (all of $15 bucks).

To know me, is to love me.  After we exchanged phone greetings, the class mom launched into the following rant: “How dare you not have sent the money into school.” She said.  “I laid out that money for you and this is so rude that you have not paid me back yet,” etc.  I was shocked! This was her idea, how did this turn around and become my fault?  Since she was so confrontational and angry, I was a little uncomfortable and made a joke and said, “You would make a great real estate agent.”  Well, that really set her off.  “This is not a joke,” she said. “You owe me money and don’t make light of this situation.”  I assured her the money would be at school that day and hung up the phone.  I thought I had just had the wind knocked out of me.  Such major anger and turmoil all before 9am!  As I hung up the phone, I thought to myself, her life must really suck, if she’s calling me (close to a perfect stranger) and taking all her stuff out on me.  Talk about being blind sided.

I learned my lesson. Stay away from crazy people!


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