Making Allowance

October 13, 2010

We’ve been doing a lot of talking about allowances lately. Our son is 6 and it seems like it’s time to start with one, but how much? And for what?

I never really got an allowance when I was a kid. But my friends who did, I remember they used to get it for the chores they did around the house. (Maybe part of my issue was that I never really did any chores around the house, but I digress…) Apparently, tying an allowance to chores is a big no-no, according to just about every child expert we researched. If you start paying them to do things like making their bed, they’ll expect to be paid to do just about anything.

But it feels a little weird to pay them for breathing. And yet an allowance does help teach them about managing money.

So where we netted out is that he has a list of “chores” he needs to be responsible for. Things like clearing his plate and putting his clothes in the laundry. (Remember, he’s 6.) Separately, he will get a small allowance. Half of it he gets to spend on whatever he wants, in consultation with us. A quarter has to be saved. The other quarter has to be donated to the cause of his choice.

Sounds like a plan, no? We’re going to try it and see how it goes. Because you can read up on all the experts in the world, but until you try it for yourself, with your child, you really can’t tell what will work out!

Savings Gap

Crappy logo or not, the Gap has been giving out discount cards to get 40% off any one full price item on Wednesdays. They give it out if you buy something, so make sure to ask for it. They also have been having 40% off days every once in a while — it’s worth signing up for their emails if you shop there often enough, to get a heads up about their sales.


My daughter shot a commercial with Eli Manning today. She was very cute! And he was very nice. He was teaching her how to spin a football. The makeup artist gave her a papaya lip balm and she LOVED it!


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