In Praise of: The DVR

September 28, 2010

Believe me when I say I don’t want to pay another dime every month to my cable company. But one piece of technology that I think is totally worth the extra cash is our DVR.

For those of you not familiar the premise is this: you can choose all your favorite shows, set it to record first-run episodes only, and before you can say Mad Men you’ll have every episode at your fingertips, with the ability to forward through commercial breaks. Some people say it makes them watch more TV, since you end up with so much you want to watch. I actually find it quite efficient — I record only the precise things I want to make time for, and I slot them in precisely when I have time for them. It’s so civilized!

Plus I keep episodes of The Cat in the Hat, Dora and Curious George on my list, so that when the urge strikes my kids, there’s always something good available for them to watch. Movies from HBO wait their turn until we have some night that we actually have time to sit and watch. The DVR lets you be your own personal television programmer.

Our children will never know what it was like, rushing home to see the Brady Bunch at 5pm, or The Monkees at 5:30. Or that if your mom made you go to bed early and you missed an episode of Diff’rent Strokes, you really missed it! There were no takesies backsies, no DVDs, no On Demand, no iTunes, and definitely no DVR. It was, frankly, the Dark Age of Media.

The DVR is enightenment. It changes the way you watch television, and in my case lessens the dependency. Once it enters your life, there’s no turning back. And for all of that and more, that is why I write In Praise of: The DVR.


I read this weekend all about the terrible drought that is wreaking havoc with the farms in upstate New York, and then today the heavens seem to have parted and unloaded inches upon inches of nonstop rain. Depressing! But I guess it’s helping to solve the drought we’ve been in. But it really starts to make people morose and cranky. And it’s supposed to be rainy again tomorrow…

I didn’t sleep well all weekend and then of course when I have to get up on a Monday I could’ve slept in fine.

Oh well!


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