Lady TNT

September 24, 2010

Bisou bisou! (That was for all you Gossip Girl fans…)

Here’s Ken with the Single of the Week:

Lady Dynamite was a hot Brit Award-winning commodity a handful years ago. Then she became Ms. Dynamite. What resulted in this self-imposed demotion? Nothing more than an unpopular second album, a virtual disappearance from the mainstream music scene, popularity in eastern Europe (Belarus loves Dynamite!) and some possible soul-searching based on the tenets of some paperback best-seller. At least, as an English citizen, she remained outside of the grasp of the Alternative Minimum Tax. Fortunately for all of you suburban lovers of the UK garage/grime scene, Dynamite’s been spitting out some bangin’ singles over the past few years. Take a whiff of a couple winners here:


I can’t believe how bad my allergies are! I don’t ever remember being so bothered in the fall. I guess fall is the new spring!

Have a great weekend — it’s my big 5k “race” and the end of my running program…wish me luck!!


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