The Great Facebook Debate

September 23, 2010

Forget the Facebook movie that’s coming out — our guest blogger Rebecca is having some drama of her own about the social networking site that seems to have everyone around the world in its grasp. For the record, I am an occasional user and definitely have a love/hate relationship with fb…let’s here what Rebecca has to say:

Facebook has taken over the way we communicate.  So that makes chatting on the old fashioned telephone, well, just plain old fashioned.  I like to categorize people into two groups, those who love fb and can’t live with out it, and those who use it occasionally and would probably be fine had it never entered their lives.

I’m an example of the occasional user.  I like it, but I have to be in the mood.  I can get into being tagged in the grade school pictures circa 1973-1974 from my elementary school in White Plains, NY.  It’s always fun to reminisce by looking at old pictures about your life.  Not so cool…receiving a request from a random friend that I had in 8th grade, whose name I can barely remember.  Am I obligated to respond?  Why am I on this thing?  Do I really need to connect with my 3rd grade classmates?  Or the au pair who lived with my family when I was 13 and my brother and sister were newborns?  Life was so much easier when people couldn’t find me.   Once they find me, I am compelled to get into a conversation with them (like I have time!), when I had been just fine forgetting that they had existed.

Then there are the people who can’t live without Facebook.  Age doesn’t matter in this category as they can be 12 or 45.  You know the type, you’re out to dinner with them and while they are talking to you they are wildly texting their fb friends.  What could they possibly be talking about all day???  These addicted Facebookers have 400 – 500 friends.  I love when my kids tell me they have that many friends.  When I ask them if they have met all 500 people they say, “Mom, you don’t have to meet them to have them as a friend, you’re so WEIRD.”

And how about those annoying people who feel compelled to alert you as to every move they make throughout the day?  Hey, I just got on the train and there is a guy picking his nose across the aisle…..Hey, don’t eat the roast beef at so-and-so restaurant, I just bit into a big vein….Hey, I just developed a giant zit on my forehead, anyone have a good remedy?  Come on, give me a break. Get a life!

Are the fb holdouts old fashioned?  Have we no choice in the end, but to conform to the age of new technology and leave our old habits of leaving messages for people on their voicemail behind?  What will become of the dinosaurs?  After all, even Betty White is on Facebook.  Family Favs readers, please give me your wise opinions on this most important topic.  I’m venturing a guess that most of you are in the avid Facebooker category.  Please let me know your most annoying Facebook experience.  It would be fun to hear your comments.

Remember, if you friend me, don’t be surprised if it takes me a couple of weeks to accept your friend request.  You would probably sooner get a phone call back from me then the acceptance on fb.

Got to go…I have to open a Twitter account.


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