September 20, 2010

The only thing more annoying than getting blisters from some new shoes is getting blisters from shoes you have had forever. It’s like an old friend screwing you over.

Used to be that I would throw a band-aid on and grin and bear the inevitable pain that would happen for another week or so, no matter what other shoes I put on. But then the geniuses at Band-Aid’s labs came up with these Advanced Healing Blister cushions. Better than a band-aid, they cushion the area and take the pressure off, allowing the wound to heal and relieving any friction-based pain. They really are essential to have in the house in case you end up tearing your heel up. They are a bit pricey (I paid $5.99 for 6 at Duane Reade; most places outside of NYC sell them for $4.99), but I find they’re the only things that actually work.

Two things to note: they say they last 7x longer than regular band-aids. I do not find this to be true — I get a day out of them. I have also tried the store brand of these blister adhesives and did not find them to be comparable.

They make them in two sizes: for your heel and for your fingers and toes. I tend to only get blisters on my heels so those are the ones I keep stocked.

We All Need Some Sanity Sometimes

I just had to laugh when I saw that Jon Stewart was having a “Rally to Restore Sanity” on the Mall in Washington, DC on October 30th. The Million Moderate March is, as Stewart put it, “intended to spread the timeless message, ‘Take it down a notch for America.'” Finally, a rally for people who don’t have time to go to rallies!! You can get what little details there are so far here. Once again I applaud the genius of The Daily Show for shining a light on the craziness that is our political news cycle. And let’s not forget Stephen Colbert’s competing rally the same day, the rally to “Keep Fear Alive.” Hilarious.


A stunning weekend, weather-wise, here in NYC, and an equally fantabulous birthday weekend full of treats large and small. One of my favorite gifts I received was that after two years of having an ipod sit unused, my husband ripped every single CD I own and set the whole thing up for me. That is love, I tell you. And I am psyched to have it locked and loaded with all my tunes. He even made a “My Super Favorite Wife” playlist.

Hope you all had a great weekend!!


2 Responses to “Ouch”

  1. Bret Says:

    Thanks for suggestion about blister Band-Aid brand bandages. After today, I really need them!

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