So What’s New?

September 17, 2010

Maybe it’s the back to school in me, but Fall always means “new” in my head. New clothes, new experiences, new fun…so I thought I’d take a post and highlight some of the “new” I’m looking forward to…

Hill Country does chicken

Boardwalk Empire on HBO. I haven’t decided if I’m committing, but I’ve heard great things. With Martin Scorsese and Steve Buscemi involved, it can’t be bad, really…Hill Country Chicken! The geniuses behind Hill Country Barbecue have gone and launched Hill Country Chicken, done up to look like a 50s country kitchen and serving up fried chicken and pie. They even went and did a skinless version of the fried chicken with cracker crumb crust. So healthy! (Broadway and 25th Street)…the boys behind The Smith are heading north to midtown for an as yet unnamed venture, which I will definitely check out because I hit The Smith with some friends last night and it is definitely a good spot to chill — good food, varied menu, great beers on draft and reasonable prices (55 Third Avenue)…What’s that you say? You’re psyched for Robbie Williams‘ greatest hits to come out in October? Me too! In and Out of Consciousness (so cheeky that Robbie!) features a new single that’s a duet with his former Take That bandmate Gary Barlow. The song, Shame, is pretty good, but it’s more fascinating to watch two sworn enemies sing and make up. (Check out the video evidence here.) Robbie’s 39 track masterpiece hits

So loving Tom Binns

stores October 11th…Tom Binns jewelry is expensive. Yes, that’s true. But it is also v. cool, and their store is down the street from my old apartment on Perry Street. So I will be checking out their latest collection before MObama does (41 Perry)…My fav sweater spot is Vince. You can get them at Bloomingdale’s but I like their freestanding store in the Meatpacking district. There’s something chic and downtown about it, and the sales help is actually helpful. Last time I was there they helped me find the perfect off the shoulder cashmere sweater, knit on the bias to make it a little off and cooler than your average top. I can’t wait for the weather to get a little cooler so I can wear it! As an added bonus, after you shop you can hit the Standard Grill across the street for an al fresco pick me up…

That should get you started! Stay tuned for part 2 sometime soon…

Single of the Week

My very favorite super sexy wonderful husband has a birthday tomorrow…but tonight he’s here with some music for us all:

This latest effort from Kanye West was supposed to be the All-Star Laff-A-Lympics of rap, bringing a hip-hop braintrust together all in one place, plus falsetto folk singer Bon Iver (whose contribution is some oddball Auto-Tuned droning). The great beat is made even better with Family Fav fave Nicki Minaj, whose verse is frenzied, freaky and up from the deep depths of her big-time booty.

Download a free mp3 of this rap quintet here.


The freakiest storm hit NYC today. I was in a conference room at work overlooking the Hudson and some serious dark clouds enveloped the island. It shut down the Long Island Railroad as well as some subway service. The evening commute was a mess. Tornadoes hit Brooklyn. It was bizarre — like Armageddon. The whole thing was like 15 minutes but you can’t imagine the damage around town. And now it’s calm, like nothing happened.

Hope the weekend features calmer skies…


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