Smooth Sailing

September 13, 2010

Who doesn’t have Bieber fever, people?!

Baby, baby, baby — I hope this kid is saving his money!

Back here in my reality, this past spring the auction for Austin’s school was chock full of incredible items. One that I took home was a gift certificate to the Caudilie Spa at the Plaza, for a facial and massage. I was excited to check it out because I had been a fan of their products for several years. I first discovered their grapeseed purifying mask in a small drugstore in Paris and was not disappointed.

The spa itself here in New York is new and beautiful. It’s clean and the people who work there are very friendly — it’s definitely not snooty. The lounge where you wait is comfy — there aren’t very many magazines, but there’s water and some fruit and nuts. Their therapies and products are all based on grapes, so there are wines you can try for an extra fee. The treatments themselves were relaxing and thorough. I had pilates the next morning and my instructor could tell I had done something, my body was in such good alignment. And my skin did look clear and glowing from the facial.

But the best discovery came post-visit, when I realized how crazy-smooth my elbows were! Since my first pregnancy, my elbows have been incredibly rough, dry and scaly. And since my first delivery, I have had little to no time to apply lotion on a regular basis. So every once in a while my husband would feel my elbows and frown at my dryness.

So imagine my surprise when I visited the Caudilie Spa once and my elbows were super smooth. As in, so scaliness at all. A few days went by and they were still divine. So much so that said husband, who never wants me to buy anything, told me to get whatever they used. That’s how effective it was! So I called and explained my situation. They were kind enough to check and the miracle product was Caudilie’s Nourishing Body Lotion. It smells delicious, it’s not greasy and I have been keeping it in the closet in my bathroom. Whenever I think about it, I give it a pump and apply it to my elbows. I’d say I’m averaging about 3 times a week, and still my elbows are smooth as can be, about 2 months later.

So I recommend the spa as a place to chill out and get pampered. But I HIGHLY recommend their Body Lotion if you really want to eliminate your scaly skin. You can check it out online here. $40 for 13.5 ounces. There’s free shipping if you spend over $50, and every order comes with free samples. Or, if you’re in the neighborhood of the Plaza, they do sell it at the spa.


The weekends just fly, don’t they? Yesterday I had so much to get done and so many places to be, it felt like a marathon. I was so pressed for time and space that I actually ate lunch at Burger King at a rest stop on the Garden State Parkway. Gross!

The kids had two birthday parties today. And so it continues…get psyched for the week, people!!


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