September 9, 2010

When I read Favs’ guest blogger Bret’s latest post, I had to laugh — being an apartment dweller, I would be so freaked out to deal with a mole. Anything larger than a roach and you’ve lost me. They sound like pesky little critters…

Since it’s the end of summer, I thought I would discuss an extremely minor problem that has plagued me for the past several weeks.  Back in July, I noticed a small pile of dirt on our front lawn right near the driveway.  Being a city guy who knows little about grass (and also being a bit suspicious), I immediately assumed that someone put a mound of dirt on our grass as a prank or the mower must have done something wrong.  It made no sense, but that’s where my mind went.

After a week or two, I noticed a few more dirt piles in different spots in the front yard.  “Hmm, that’s odd,” I thought.  Then I finally noticed a few spots where the lawn was soft and squished down when I stepped on it.  In fact, there were a few rows of squishy lawn and it occurred to me that rather than someone dumping something on top of the lawn, something might be digging underneath the lawn.  So I called in a pest control guy and the diagnosis took him about 10 seconds:  I’ve got moles digging tunnels under my lawn.  Suddenly, I pictured myself as Bill Murray in Caddyshack (ok, they were gophers), armed with water hoses and explosives.

The pest guy told me that for about $300 they could place traps and catch the varmint, but he suggested that I just stomp on the tunnels.  Allegedly, the moles would get tired of rebuilding and leave.  So my younger son and I stomped all over the yard, demolishing the tunnels.  And you know what – the pest control guy was right.  The moles left the front lawn . . . and now they are digging in my backyard.  Off to stomp there, but there may be a trap in my future.


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