Is Your Refrigerator Running?

August 25, 2010

Am I the only person who is suffering allergies worse now than in the spring? It’s odd. I feel like I’m allergic to something new. And for some reason I have been very resistant to taking anything for it. And so I sniffle alone…

How will you feel when you open it?

My recommendation for today is guaranteed to make you feel better. (Yes, guaranteed!) But it will take a little elbow grease. It’s time to clean out your refrigerator!

The best time I find to do this is when things are running low — so in the day or two before you do your grocery store shop. I also find it easier to tackle in parts rather than trying to do the whole thing at once. The only thing you need to get started is some Clorox wipes (or other such brand). Do the shelves first. Take things out, move stuff around, whatever you need to do to wipe it clean. Don’t gloss over any rings that the milk left, or crumbs in the corner. Detail it! While you’re at it, discard anything that’s expired or spoiled. Return things to their proper place. If you’ve had enough, marvel at your shiny shelves and come back another day for…

The drawers! Empty them and wipe ’em thoroughly. I find that berries and things I keep in the drawer tend to leave stains more frequently so I wipe out the drawers the most often. If you’re feeling adventurous, move on to…

The door! This is where I tend to find lots of things that are past their prime. Sauces that I never plan on using again; jelly with a last drop inside. Clean the shelves inside as well as the front of them. Organize everything when you put it all back (mustards all together; salad dressings on one shelf, etc.).

And voila! Open the door, stand back and take it all in. It’s a beautiful thing! Everyone in your household goes in there several times a day, and every time they do, they’ll feel a little bit brighter. Something about a dirty fridge just brings the day down.

The freezer, I find, doesn’t get as dirty as quickly, but every once and a while you’ll want to do a wipe down there, too.


I am so disturbed by the egg recall and the thousands of cases of salmonella that they can’t even trace back to the source yet. I feel like this is one of those moments where we’ll either bury our heads in the sand or actually wake up to the fact that our food supply is out of control and the FDA needs to have some more teeth…and funds. The fact that we let these huge conglomerate farms monitor themselves is really scary.

Which is a good segue into a Matt Damon movie we watched this weekend: The Informant. I really liked it — it’s definitely quirky. Damon is very good and there are a lot of comedians cast in serious roles, which is kind of funny in itself. The fact that it is based on the true story of an executive who ratted out Archer Daniels Midland in the 90s (these are some of the people responsible for putting corn in just about everything we eat) makes it even more crazy. It’s on HBO now and I’d say it’s worth putting on your DVR.


I am also really bothered by the amount of raccoons that are breaking into apartments in Brooklyn. Some lady woke up to find a dead raccoon in her kitchen drawer — it got stuck climbing out and suffocated! Seriously glad I live on the 18th floor. Those things are a menace! If you want to see a photo go here.

I have to have a head shot taken tomorrow and I am dreading it. No idea what to wear. Actually I should go to bed so maybe through some miracle in the night the bags under my eyes will disappear. I guess that’s why God created retouching!


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