Things That Make You Go Hmmm…

August 20, 2010

Our guest blogger Rebecca has troubles, and Ken’s here with the his single…not a bad way to end the week, no?

I woke up this morning and my shoulder was in so much pain.  I turned on the TV and I found the answer to my pain.  Lyrica, it said I had fibromyalgia and that if I take this medication it would help cure my pain.  It may also give me suicidal thoughts, make my hair fall out, and make my neurosis worse than it already is and other crazy things.  Funny, I think I’ll still try it.

I was visiting my BFF from high school this past weekend in the Cape.  She has three grade school age boys and lives out there all summer.  The adults were in the middle of eating dinner and the boys were going out to play.  As I’m biting into the inedible seafood casserole, my friend’s 5 year old son starts running around with a steak knife.  My friend assured me that he always runs around with a knife and he just uses it to whittle sticks.  I told my friend that I allow a lot of behaviors, but that scared me.  I said, “what if he got mad at another kid and took a knife to them?”  She just laughed at my fear.  Her husband said, “Yeah, I told her that was nuts having him run around with a knife.” He just laughed it off.  Her kid didn’t even know the rule about walking (or in his case, running) with a knife, you know, hold the point down. A few minutes go by, and I am trying to take the picture out of my mind of the knife, going into my kid’s body.  With that, my son runs back in the house crying hysterically and holding his face.  My husband and I are thinking, OMG the KNIFE.  As it turns out, my son had fallen off a bike and scraped his face.

Did I mention my friend also has a garden?  She grows an abundance of oversized cucumbers.  She decided to learn how to pickle this summer.  I asked her where she stores them.  We went out to the garage and she opens the fridge.  There it was, 30 masonry jars filled with a variety of flavored pickles.  What happened to that 15 year old girl who used to read Seventeen magazine and try to follow the beauty routines???  That Fibromyalgia medication is looking good now!

Single of the Week

I’m pretty sure there’s an app out there for what I’m doing. One late night, some doofus in front of a computer thought, “I’m pretty sure there’s some doofus out there in front of his computer trying to write a music review. I can write some code that does that for him. Then he no longer has to make the effort, and can spend the time sleeping, brushing his long, lush hair or doing push-ups for money in the Times Square subway station.” But until this harmonic convergence occurs, you have these 20th century write-ups about 20th century bands – the Descendents – who are the pop punk precursors to 20th century bands/21st century Broadway acts – Green Day.


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