Hersheypark Happy

August 19, 2010

Nothing like a cocktail party to make the mid-week shine! Some friends of ours are moving to the burbs so they had a last hurrah party — very fun to catch up with some people we haven’t seen all summer. The white wine wasn’t bad either.

We took the kids to Hersheypark on Monday in Hershey, Pennsylvania. It’s about 3 hours from NYC. My sister lives nearby and we have been taking the kids every year since they were small and I have to say, of all of these type places, it really is one of the better ones.

There are lots of rides for small people, loory roller coasters for the more adventurous, and the huge water park area offers fun for everyone. Truly. I took my little 3 year old down some little water slides, and we all had fun tubing down the lazy river. My six year old was brave and took to some scary rides where you hang down and shoot at people with water cannons. My advice would be to head toward the water section first, before it gets crazy crowded. There are chairs so someone can sit and watch your stuff. Then you can dry off, hit the changing rooms and do the rest of the park.

The food options are just ok — worst case, you can hit the Subway, but be prepared to pay close to $10 for a 6 inch with some chips and a soda. One of the best tips I ever got was that any food concession will give you free ice water at any time. My kids love taking pictures with all of the characters (Twizzler Guy, Chocolate Bar, etc.)…they are around the aprk but they all come out en masse at certain times. Check the times so you can get Nutrageous, Symphony, York and Reeses’s all in one shot!

If you have a AAA card, you can buy the tickets ahead of time and save about $10 on each adult ticket (bringing it to $41). This also helps you avoid the ticket lines when you get there. Make sure you visit Chocolate World on your way out for the tour on how chocolate is made — my kids love the singing cows, and the free sample you get on the way out!

If you’re looking to stay over, the Hershey Hotel is nice and has a spa featuring services with lots of chocolate involved. There are also bowls of Kisses all over…what could be bad?


Is everyone freaking out like me that the summer is almost over?! I can’t believe how fast if had gone. I’ve barely had a minute to breathe, really. So yesterday I took my New York magazine and went up to the roof to chill a little. I always forget we have such a beautiful spot upstairs. They just redid it with new deck furniture and landscaping — lots of tall grass and beautiful trees. I curled up on a lounge chair and read as the sunset lowered down across the city — just beautiful, and one of those times that you absolutely positively know you live in the right place, at the right time.


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