Let’s All Take It Down a Notch

August 11, 2010

My day started a little before 5am because I couldn’t sleep — too much going on in my head that I knew needed to be taken care of. So I got up to read the paper and found a juicy little article about the Jet Blue flight attendant who just lost it. (Check out “Fed Up Flight Attendant Makes Sliding Exit” here.) I mean, can’t we all relate? I’m not a flight attendant and I can’t stand the people who jump up before they give green light to gather all their crap. Where are they going??? We’re still on the runway, on a plane with locked doors, dumbass. And really who hasn’t fantasized about getting on the loudspeaker at work and letting some expletives fly some days?

So then tonight I read an article on Grub Street all about Restaurant Rage. No joke. In Ohio, a woman went crazy at McDonald’s when she couldn’t get her McNuggets. But this one from an Olive Garden in Florida really got me: “Richard Bennett tells the Sun-Sentinel he was celebrating his son’s 5th birthday when a neighboring man complained that the kid was being noisy. When Bennett explained that his son was autistic, the man said something to the effect of “F— your autistic son” and then charged Bennet and threw punches.” What?!?! Clearly this guy ate a bad bread stick.

My assessment? The country is stressed out. People have been out of work for months or in some cases years. The ones who still have jobs are working in places that cut back workforces to the bone, yet the workload didn’t shrink. Nobody has gotten raises in a couple of years and some workers have had to take pay cuts. Taxes are going up all over because no one saved for a rainy day. There’s no clear relief on the horizon — in fact some signs point to things getting worse. Yet somehow Wall Street manages a bazillion dollars in bonuses.

The Prez needs to get everyone to take a collective deep breath, because me thinks we’ll be seeing a lot more of this craziness.


I had lunch with my former neighbor today. I miss having her down the hall! She told me a pretty harrowing story — she got MRSA, a virulent staph infection that’s pretty serious. Usually people in hospitals get it, but she hadn’t been in a hospital. She swears she got it while on a trip to a fancy spa, from the steam room. It was a big boil on her butt that wouldn’t go away. When she returned she went to her dermatologist who took a sample, and it was MRSA! Luckily she got rid of it, but pretty scary. Her advice is to always sit on a towel or a robe or your clothes anywhere you go. She won’t even sit down on the subway in shorts anymore. So gross!

A Little New England on MacDougal

Let’s end on an up note — Ken and I tried a new restaurant last night in kind of a cursed space. (Do you ever notice there are just those places that always have a restaurant going out of business?) The Mermaid Oyster Bar has a tasty menu featuring all kinds of New England seafood treats. We started with some steamers that were juicy and smooth going down — the appetizer portion is generous enough to split. Then Ken did the half and half po’ boy: half shrimp, half oyster. I did the lobster roll. The old bay fries were appropriately spicy and crispy. There isn’t a dessert menu but they give everyone a tiny cup of chocolate mousse to end their meal. The prices are pretty standard for joints of this ilk — most things are in the high teens to low twenties. It’s not that big of a place but they do take reservations. And I would make one as the wait was over an hour when we left. (79 MacDougal)


The best part about baseball camp is that the kid is bone tired every night! He is out playing left field for almost 7 hours in this heat. He got a single today and his team is winning, so he’s happy about that.

I worked at the CSA tonight (and have finished up my work obligations for the season) and this poor woman who I was on shift with decided to unload on me about 15 minutes in that she is 4 months pregnant and going through a divorce because her husband cheated on her with someone 20 years younger. You have to be in a lot of pain to dump this on a total stranger over organic vegetables. I felt so bad! She clearly needed someone to talk to. They had been together for 11 years, married for 4 of them. The best part is that they are continuing to split their CSA share every week! I would be like, “Dude, you cheated on me. The zucchini is MINE!”

What a world, people.


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