Breathe Right

August 6, 2010

Why did Hotmail make all of these horrible changes? I’m all for change for the better, but change only to make it worse and it really bums me out. Did they even test it on actual users? Ugh…

The weekend is just about here and I thought I’d remind everyone to breathe. Seriously. It’s amazing what taking a minute or two to just sit, close your eyes and take a deep breath does. I had a crazy stressful week and I did try and take a moment here and there to just focus on my breath. It can calm you down in an instant.

Even better, start each day with a stretch. These things seem silly but I have found that in a few minutes, you can achieve huge results. When you get out of bed, bend at the waist and touch your toes (or go as low as you can — don’t force it). Then slowly, slowly (one vertebrate at a time) start to come up, until you’re at standing position. That one move will get your day started right.

If you do nothing else for yourself all day long, that stretch is a big thank you.

Lots ‘o Singles of the Week

Ken is feeling generous this week with his picks — although I had to tell him the difference between Sheena Easton and Sheila E.:

I like bits and pieces of these singles, so put together, do they make a whole?

I think that if I were to die and go to Brooklyn, this is what I would be listening to:
The Like: Release Me (Click to take a listen.)

Then there’s this – cute girl drummer alert! The years have trod heavily upon Sheila E, so it’s good to see someone new.

And finally, as my dad has told me, you don’t have to be afraid to put your dream in action. He also told me there are 15 branches of our federal government, although I’m pretty sure he’s wrong.

Victorious Theme Song (Click to take a listen.)


What a week! I can’t believe Austin’s last day at this camp is tomorrow. Sure goes fast. I think my favorite thing was his mosaics class — he brought home some incredible artwork. Two of the pieces I want to frame, and one I put in my office and already got some complements. Austin really liked his crepe-making class, along with Top Secret Agent. It really is fun — I wish I could go!

Addison finished up her summer class today with a party. And one of the parents gave out a plastic cell phone filled with makeup. Why would you give that out to 3 year olds?! Addison smeared it all over her face. It has this sickeningly sweet smell, and God knows what’s in it. You know that thing is made in China. The “antenna” was a brush for the makeup. It’s all over now — Ken removed the little trays of blue, pink and white goop. Now she can just use it as a “phone.”

Supposed to be a nice weekend. We’ve got lots of outdoor plans. Have a good one!


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