Dollars and Sense

August 4, 2010

I read something today that busy people are happier than non-busy people. Hello?! Of course they are! Busy people don’t have time to think about how their life sucks. If you have time on your hands, sooner or later you get around to analyzing your lot in life and it’s never pretty…so stay busy! That’s my advice.

Today I have a great recommendation that will save you money. As in cash. As in who doesn’t love that?!

Blackboard Eats is an email you can sign up for, and from time to time they send you emails featuring discounts for restaurants in your town. Right now they have New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Everywhere categories, so you can choose where you’d like to receive deals from. When I first signed up, I wasn’t sure the featured restaurants would be anywhere I’d ever want to eat. But they are — we’ve used about 5 of them already.

Here’s how it works: you sign up for the free email, and you’ll get an email whenever there’s a new deal. You hit a button if you want to download a certain deal. You usually have about a day to do it. Then you can bring the code they send you to the restaurant as a printout or on your phone. You tell the maitre’d or your server about the code and voila — 30% off your bill! If you have a Visa Signature card, there’s even more good news. At Landmarc we got a dessert tray totally free; at Pompano we got a $25 gift card for our next visit. All for using that credit card.

I was having a conversation this weekend with some friends about Blackboard Eats vs. Groupon. The benefit of Blackboard is no money down — so there’s no risk involved. If you get a deal and don’t use it, there’s no repercussions. And while the deals can vary, most are 30% off. That’s real money!

To check it out or sign up, click here.

Healthy snack

The tomatoes I’ve been getting from the CSA are really delicious — I’m not even a huge tomato fan. The newest healthy snack? Wrap a fresh basil leaf around a fresh cherry tomato and behold the results in your mouth!


This cooler weather is fantastic…enjoy it!


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