Hello Dahling

August 3, 2010

Our guest blogger Rebecca ponders the canine and human greeting for us:

I was walking my dog, Zipper, around a local track one morning this past week.  We came upon another dog and her owner. Whenever I see another dog, I find it’s always polite to let your dogs greet each other.  I have a medium-sized dog that does not discriminate against size, color, spots or gender.  After all, a dog is a dog.  I noticed owners who have similar sized dogs or larger are always happy to have their dog greet Zipper.  Where as, when I meet up with one of my neighbors, who have little, barky, Elle Woods lap dogs,  they pull their dog’s leash really tight and close and tell their dog, “No, stay here.”  As though my big, bad dog is going to swallow them whole!  These are animals, are they not?  They all fell under that category the last time I checked the American Kennel Chart.  All they want to do is get a little whiff of each other and be on their merry way.

So I was out last week for a friend’s birthday dinner.  While I was waiting for my group to arrive, I ran into another friend who said, “I heard you write a blog.”  I love being famous! She said she had a great topic for me to write about, “What is it?” I asked.  “The hello kiss.”  I thought that sounded like an interesting topic to explore.  Here are my thoughts.

My biggest dilemma about the hello greeting kiss is that if you know the person, but you don’t like them that much, do you kiss them hello or just say hi?  Clearly, if they kiss you hello first, well, then, you do the same, so you’re not insulting them. It’s kind of unavoidable at that point anyway.  What do you do if you know the person really well?  Let’s put them in the good friend category, but say you’ve only met their friend one or two times.  This can be an “awkward,” as my kids say, scenario.  Of course I’m kissing my friend hello (no tongue or anything, but maybe a Euro double cheek one, or a nice air kiss), but when I get to their friend, am I being rude by not greeting with a kiss as well?  Should I reach out my hand for a shake? Wave? High five? Maybe we should just sniff each other like the aforementioned dogs. AWKWARD! This situation and writing about it just makes me want to follow a simple rule.  Either greet everyone you generally know with a hello kiss; or, kiss no one hello, even when they are one of your close friends.  If nothing else you’ll catch less colds.

Happy Greetings!


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