Grab Some Popcorn

July 30, 2010

Went to see a great movie tonight: The Kids Are All Right. Annette Bening and Julianne Moore play a lesbian couple who used a sperm donor and have 2 now teenage kids together. When their daughter turns 18, she finds and meets up with the sperm donor, played by Mark Ruffalo, and then the fun begins. It’s very well written, cast and acted. And it’s beautifully shot — there’s something very sensual about the movie with the wine, fresh produce and sex. And Mark Ruffalo.

I also appreciated seeing Annette Bening’s real, aging face onscreen. In a world where everyone is lifted, airbrushed and botoxed within an inch of their lives, it’s so refreshing to see what 50 really looks like.

There aren’t too many flicks that get me to want to fork over $13, but this was well done. Tori and I saw it together and we both gave it a thumbs up — even though we had some crazy guy sitting behind us in the theater who snorted every five minutes. Seriously.

And did I mention Mark Ruffalo?

I Got the Music In Me

Here’s Ken with the Single of the Week:

I caught a whiff of this week’s groove-a-licious single – Breakbot’s “Baby I’m Yours” – from a couple of sources (one being a tweet from Friend of Family Favs Mia). The dude is French and looks like Jesus, so technically, I shouldn’t like him. But he does do a nice single that loosens the hips and lightens the feet. It’s like Jamiroquai come back from the dead.

Give it a listen here.

What ever happened to Jamiroquai? He’s made a nice living for himself peddling Cup of Noodle in Japan:


You probably thought that last part was a joke, but no, he’s shilling for Cup of Noodles!! Everyone’s got to make a buck, people. Except apparently Ellen DeGeneres, who apparently has let American Idol after one season. I don’t really watch that show anymore, but there is so much turmoil going on with it. Fox better hope none of it kills their golden goose.

We are off to the mountains with some friends this weekend. Clean air, lots of wine, good friends and food…all we need is Mark Ruffalo and we’ll be all set! 🙂


2 Responses to “Grab Some Popcorn”

  1. tori Says:

    Annette Bening was in the movie? I seem to only be able to recall Mark Ruffalo… The other thing that I think is worth mentioning about the film is that it is really, really funny, but in a subtle way that I think is probably the hardest kind of humor to write, and likely the hardest to deliver. Great movie!

    • familyfavs Says:

      Yes, I think that’s why people like it — it’s real, and humor is a subtle part of most people’s reality, vs. the hardy har har obvious humor of most dumb movies. I actually read a critical review of it in the New Yorker today — they thought it was trying too hard. I don’t think so…maybe the critic was jealous of Mark Ruffalo’s black leather jacket…

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