She’s Packing

July 29, 2010

Oh, the joys of packing. When it’s times any multiplier more than 1, it’s even more fun. I am actually a pretty efficient packer (I can do a week in Europe on a small carry on — fancy dinner outfits included!), but ever since I had kids, every trip I always forget one thing. Sometimes it’s small, and sometimes Addison has no underwear. (Luckily on this last trip I packed extra for her brother — so she spent her days in too big Superman briefs.) Guest blogger Denielle breaks it down for us on the eve of her trip to the beach:

I have this issue when it comes to packing. Even if I am only traveling 3 hours by car, I pack like I am going to a remote corner of the earth, stripped of modern conveniences! And packing with kids multiplies my insanity ten-fold!

In reality, I am going with my family to a house on the Jersey Shore next week. Said house has a washer/dryer and internet access. My local grocery store has a location there, so even my “frequent shopper” card will work. Yet why do I feel like a total maniac and dread the idea of packing so intensely?

I even have a list on my computer entitled PACKING LIST. Because, let’s be honest, the only things that vary when you travel is (1) amount of clothes depending on how long the vacation is, and (2) weight of clothes – e.g. you don’t bring tank tops on a ski vacation. My list is comprehensive, with options for both. It includes toiletries, medicines and chargers for electronics. If I check everything on the list, I should be fine. But in the back of my mind, there’s always some bizarre scenario I need to prepare for!

And with kids, there’s always some toy or feeding product I will inevitably forget and desperately need!

The other thing that bugs me about packing is luggage. My husband and I were the last 2 humans on earth to invest in luggage with wheels, and even now that we have roll-y bags, they are never the perfect size.  I always revert back to the free duffel bag I got at Andrew’s college reunion in 2005.

Hopefully at the end of the day, we will survive with some bathing suits, sunscreen, shovels and pails….And hats, and sunglasses, and a camera…oh, and some good après sun body lotion and Motrin and Tylenol and Benedryl and Zyrtec and band-aids…UGHHHHHHHH!


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