Dog Days

July 28, 2010

It’s almost August, which means only about a month to go to get your summer lovin’ on…so here are some random tips for getting the most out of the rest:

Less is More. When the thermometer is pushing 100, the last thing you want is your face sliding off. Lighten your load! Stick to a bare minimum of moisturizer with sunscreen, concealer, a little powder and then a nice lip gloss. Your skin will breathe, and you can feel free to shvitz without a whole lotta color coming off.

Comfort is King. Wear comfortable, light clothing, preferably in natural fibers like cotton that can breathe. Jeans are way too heavy and hot. Khakis will keep you cooler, especially you men out there. And women, this is the time to break out those cute sleeveless shifts you never wear.

Hydrate like a Pro. Drink water, of course, but there are so many other ways to make sure you stay hydrated. All kinds of fruits are in season, so pack one as a snack wherever you go. Right now peaches and plums are ripe and ready! And keep a water bottle with you if you’re out about. Chances are you’ll need a sip and to buy a little bottle of water is a rip off.

Keep Your Mouth Shut

When it gets really hot, I don’t want to to turn on the oven or to cook anything complicated. Look for recipes that feature loads of vegetables or fruits, and pair them with simple stovetop main courses. Pasta salads, cold soups and fancy sandwiches all work well.

Take it Inside

The sun is shining and you feel pressured to get out and do something. Don’t! If it’s really that hot, you’ll be safer staying in until it cools down a bit. Use the day to get things done you’ve had on your list forever.

Just about nobody looks good in a maxi dress. Remember that, Jessica Simpson!


The economy continues to take a toll on some truly tasty restaurants. Goodbye Bellavitae. But hello to the Artichoke pizza empire, who’s opening a separate shop on 17th and 10th Avenue.


Addison continues to rise earlier and earlier — and no matter what time it is (5:45am!), she insists it’s 7am on the clock in her room.

Which means I’m tired! Hope you’re having a great week.


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