Hair Apparent

July 27, 2010

Even Down Under, they’ve got hair issues. Guest blogger Liz tackles some of them here:

Having great hair, or hair that you are happy with, can make or break your day.  When my haircut is just not right, it does affect how I feel.  When I am thrilled with my hair, I have an extra bounce in my step and I don’t worry about my outfit and make-up as much.  When my hair is off, everything else must be perfect and suddenly, it is adding stress to my day.

So, it is critical to find an amazing stylist, the right tools and hair products.  Moving to Australia, of course, forced me to find a new stylist.  I got a recommendation for a stylist with a good reputation – stylist to the “stars” as he was billed.  He wasn’t New York expensive, so I figured I’d give it a whirl.  I generally like to have a new person give it a go with their own ideas in hopes of being transformed into a goddess.

The first cut was a bit of a departure for me – a younger, longer sexier and more care-free look.  Not sure that it was me, I decided to try it for a while. It is kind of like dating – you’ve been set up with the perfect person and are trying to make it work, but you just can’t.  I really wanted bangs (or fringe as they call it here). He blatantly ignored me and I realized that I am just not fond of my aging forehead and not being listened to.

My care-free, younger, sexier look turned out not to be care-free at all – I was spending way too much time on my hair every day, trying new products all of the time, constantly using the mirror to see how the back of my head looked.  It was downright exhausting!

Finally, I made the commitment to find someone else.  Why is it that you feel some kind of strange loyalty to a hairstylist when you are having aggravation every single day?

I found someone with similar hair and a drop dead gorgeous cut and went to her stylist immediately.  I’ve had two brilliant cuts and feel great about my hair and myself everyday.

Through this journey, I’ve realized that I don’t like using a hair dryer.  I’ve got thick hair and frankly, my arms get tired, but I’ve made two important discoveries along the way:

L’Occitaine Shine Mask with 5 Essential Oils – Repairing

This product is like a miracle for my hair.  Will make your hair soft and give it brilliant shine.  Definitely worth the $29.00 and will last for a year or two.

Flat Iron

Buy the best one that you can.  I’ve got the Corioliss Pro Fix that has ceramic swivel plates and heats up to a certain temperature.

If you are feeling so-so about your haircut, I recommend ditching your stylist and starting the search for someone new. You won’t regret it!


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