Maddeningly Genius

July 23, 2010

Do I live in Singapore or NYC??? I’m always hot, I’m always shvitzing, and I really have had enough of the heat and humidity…and it’s not even August! Last year we apparently didn’t have a single day over 90 in June and July. This year, we’re already in the double digits on them. Enough is enough.

Even Barbie had gone MAD...

Well, this weekend my favorite show on television returns: Mad Men on AMC. I know I have made fans of many of you, so for you, this is a reminder that Sunday night the new season begins. For those of you who have been holding out, get it together and get on this bandwagon. Seriously. It’s so well scripted, acted, filmed, staged…top, top-notch.

If you’re in New York City on Sunday night, dress up in your 60s finest and head on over to Times Square at 7pm for trivia and a costume contest AND the world premiere of the first episode of season 4 at 9pm, a full hour before the rest of the world will see it on TV. Rumor has it Betty Draper (January Jones) and Peggy Olson (Elizabeth Moss) will be there in person to hang with the throngs.

No matter where you are Sunday night, make time to kick back and enjoy the pure artistry that goes into making such a brilliant show.

Quite Possibly the Worst Single of the Week Ever

Here’s Ken:

This could have been the 5-page write-up. I could have spoken to the song’s lyrics as an advertorial for Ayn Rand’s principals of objectivism. I could have explained the multiple time shifts, with the verse starting off in 6/4, 8/4, 6/4/, 7/4. But there will be many romantic restaurants with many willing ladies with whom I can share the merits of Rush’s “Freewill.” For this week’s single, I will spare you the multilayered thesis. I will cut out the strident sing-song of Geddy Lee (son of Holocaust survivors!). And I will tell you to go to 3:00 of the video clip, where the Canadian trio really f*ing break it down. Previous to this section, the three instruments play in unison, and the simple song structure reinforces the message of the simple individual resigned to being fate’s victim. The 3:00 point starts a solo layered on top of a solo on top of another solo – supreme intricacy, which culminates into the denouement, where Geddy – at his shrillest – sings about the complexity of the human condition. I’m pretty certain I’ve listened to this song more times than I’ve told my children that I’ve loved them. I cannot be a good father, and a good Rush fan. Whom will I chose?


It’s supposed to be 96 and humid on Saturday. So you know what that means? I’m going to put my kids in the car, drive across the Hudson and shop in the over-air-conditioned splendor that is Target for about 6 hours. Ha ha. I will ply them with popcorn and icees to keep them happy.

Whatever the temperature, so glad the weekend is here. Nice to just chill. Enjoy!


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