That Prescient Single of the Week

July 16, 2010

It’s the end of the week already…yippee!!

To finish us off, first here’s Ken with the Single of the Week:

Listening to this week’s single is a bit like meeting me. At first, you may think it’s a little weird, then it becomes somewhat interesting. Yet, taken as a whole, it’s something that most people will tend to stay away from. I, however, think it’s pretty freaking cool.

Watch it here.

Note that in this week’s issue of New York magazine, they pick 4 bands not to miss at the Governors Island Hard NYC festival. Two of them – Sleigh Bells and Die Antwoord – are former singles of the week. Check it out here.

And, we have guest blogger Rebecca with an update on her summer so far…

My summer is off to a great start. I just signed another listing and I am waiting to hear if I am getting another one tomorrow.  I worked with this particular couple in 2007.  You know you’re doing well when a client remembers working with you and comes back again. My plan for this past week had been to be in the Hamptons.  I was all set to write about the latest celeb sighting, or how I had drinks at the new hotspot, The Surf, in Montauk.  But none of that happened.  The closest I got was my husband overhearing someone at the beach say they spotted SJP’s babysitter with one of her kids.  Sooooo close!  I think I spent the better part of my week on the LIE in traffic running from signing listings to the beach to cool off.

My son starts at a sports camp this week.  I am counting the minutes till drop off.  My girls are at sleep-away, so I only have one kid to cater to.  I was telling my son, how great camp is going to be and he’ll be there with his latest best friend, Lucas.  He said, “Mom I don’t want to go to camp with him.”  “Why?” I asked. His reply cracked me up and made me realize how something so small can be so major when you’re six. “The last time I saw him, he said, ‘what the heck’, to me.”  I felt bad for him, and told him he would find a new best friend at camp and there were no new best friends to be found playing Legos in your room, by yourself. I haven’t heard any complaints from him since.

On Sundays one of my favorite TV shows is on.  It’s CBS Sunday Morning.  They have great reporting on some weekly current events, as well as in depth interviews on various topics.  Whether it’s a celebrity profile or how push-pin art came to be, they make it so interesting.  On Sundays when I wake up I can’t decide if I should read the Times first or watch Sunday Morning.  It’s a real a problem.


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