Giving Good Lip

June 30, 2010

Nothing like waking up to find out your neighbor was a Russian spy…is this 1978? I emailed all my friends in Montclair to see if they were hanging out with the infiltrators.

If you’re into espionage, you may as well look good doing it. And I have found a lipstick that’s pretty much universally flattering. Laura Mercier makes it. In general, I really like her makeup. It goes on well, it gives good coverage and the colors are natural and enhancing, rather than garish and of the moment (i.e. not so kind to those over 21…MAC, anyone?). I don’t wear foundation every day, but on the occasions I do need some extra coverage, I go to Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer. It’s heavy enough to cover minor imperfections, but light enough to look natural and let your skin breathe.

But back to the lipstick. I find in summer I want something close to my lip color so I don’t look overly done up, but with a little color so I don’t look washed out. It was with this mission in mind that I hit the Laura Mercier counter. With little hesitation, the nice man said, “Sparkling Pink.” I tried it and it was exactly as requested — natural, but with a little pop and polish. Apparently it’s their most popular color, and I can see why.

One boo — they changed the shape of their lipsticks, and they now get thick in the middle and taper toward the sides. Not an improvement! I find it clunky to handle and put on.

Although I guess it gives more room for your secret camera if you are in fact a spy.

Lego My…Lego

My aunt and uncle gave Austin a gift certificate to Lego for his birthday this year. I just assumed he’d use it online, but my aunt told me she saw online they’re opening a new store in NYC. So I looked it up and sure enough, this week is the grand opening of the Lego store in Rockefeller Center. There are all kinds of events this week to celebrate, like free t-shirts and limited edition Lego apple sets (as in the Big Apple). It looks really cool, and if it’s anything like the Lego store at Legoland, you can buy Legos by the pound and pick out any combination you’d like. I think these are such a great toy because it lets kids get creative instead of following a set of rules of what something  is “supposed” to look like. So Austin will be there soon, gift card in hand.

Gross at 10,000 Feet

First I told you people about never using pillows and blankets on an airplane, because no one ever washes them and they are filled with nasty germs. Now comes word from the FDA that the food on airplanes is chock full of sadness, too: bacteria and bug parts were found in some meals. Credit cards only!


Is it?  Could it be a cool breeze coming through?

Late night…when you don’t eat dinner til 9:45pm, kinda throws your evening off.

What’s a girl to do???


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