Making the Scene: Armonk

June 29, 2010

Here’s an idea: Beat the heat and read some back postings of Family Favs for a while!!

For all of you looking for a great place to hang in the ‘Chester (that would be Westchester), guest blogger Rebecca has the answer…

I’m always trying to think of ways to attract people to move Armonk.  Writing this blog is a good way to get exposure, which leads me to the following evening.  The other night I went out for dinner, to a soft opening of a new restaurant, by invitation only.  If you’re not moving to Armonk for the restaurant, then please note, it is certainly worth driving here for dinner to eat at the new Modern Barn.  The restaurant family, Livanos, just opened the restaurant.  They own Molyvos and Oceana in the city.  They also own City Limits diner in White Plains.

My friend invited me, as her husband was out of town.  As she invited me she added that she couldn’t think of anyone else who enjoys going out to try new places to eat and is fun to be around.  I’m a sucker for a good compliment!  I replied, “Of course I’m in and you called the right foodie friend.”

Let’s start with the décor.  There is a high end builder in Armonk, who has built gorgeous three million plus homes in this area and he did spectacular work on the décor.   The whole restaurant is done in rich, dark wood with 40 foot high cavernous ceilings.  Glass walls surround the restaurant to keep with the dramatic theme. The bar was huge, and a great place to hang.  In my opinion, every neighborhood needs one of those, even if you’re not a drinker.  Because you might be just a hanger.  In any case, the seating was such, that if all your neighbors were eating around you, you wouldn’t notice them.  Who said high ceilings weren’t magical?

The menu was quite affordable, with great appetizer options, like salads and mussels.   The pastas sounded good and the prices were around $14 (!).  There was also steak, hamburgers, fish and a great variety of side dishes. The prices were surprising for a new restaurant in a newly renovated, high end building.  But, as my six year old was teaching me last week, “That’s economics mom.”  The Hamptons are not looking so good this summer now that I can go a quarter of a mile from my house to the Barn.  It will prove to be a real toss up.

As for real estate, I know how great Armonk is sounding right now.  So tell all your friends to come up and I’ll show them around.


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