In Praise of: Chopped Spinach

June 18, 2010

If you were wondering, apparently someone counted and there are more Subway sandwich shops in NYC than actual subway stops…

When you think of staples to keep in your kitchen, frozen chopped spinach is probably not near the top of your list, but I would argue it should be. In terms of boosting your healthy eating habits and making dishes tastier, it’s a winner.

First of all, it’s cheap: $2 gets you a large bag of organic frozen spinach at the Whole Foods in Manhattan, meaning those of you elsewhere can probably get it for even less.

It’s easy: Fresh spinach involves a lot of washing and drying to get the dirt off, and even still you’re often left with a little grit. It’s fine for salads, but for cooking, nothing is easier than pouring in some pre-chopped goodness.

It’s versatile: Leftover cheese pizza? Sprinkle on some frozen chopped spinach before you put it in the oven at 325 to reheat. Making spaghetti sauce? Chopped spinach boosts the healthy quotient in a super kid-friendly way. My favorite omelette? Chopped spinach and some salsa.

I buy it in the large bag so it’s easy to use as much as I need and then seal up the bag in the freezer to use later. (Not so easy with the boxes where it freezes into one solid block.) Try it!

Fascist Apparel

I stopped shopping at American Apparel when there were numerous reports of their discriminating against employees because of the way they looked. Allegedly if a manager doesn’t think you have the right look (whatever that is), you’re banished to the stockroom. Vulture got a hold of what their employee manual actually says. When you read it, maybe you’ll stop shopping there, too. Check it out here.

Treats in Tribeca

Let’s all hoof it downtown on Sunday! On Sunday, June 19, and Monday, June 20, Billy’s Bakery will offer $1 cupcakes to celebrate the first anniversary of its downtown location. These definitely get my vote for besties in the city. (75 Franklin between Broadway and Church.)

Single of the Week

Here’s Ken:

I have a good friend who runs a travel book company. Thanks to his MBA from a rather prestigious university in the Caribbean, he is driving record readership and advertising revenue across all of the company’s dynamic platforms: the books, an annual compendium, an abridged reader, one-color pamphlets, stapled pages stuck under windshield wipers of parked cards, and loose pages handed out by otherwise unemployable single men wearing sandwich boards. The writing across these properties is warm, trusting, determined and, more often than not, peppered with ethnic slurs. Take out the slurs, and you have Tift Merritt’s latest, “See You On the Moon,” an album that ponders and moves on with purpose. And I can’t stop listening to it. Check out “Engine to Turn” here.


Today was Austin’s 6th birthday! We took him out for dinner and told him he could pick wherever he wanted to go. His choice? Sushi and gelato! Such a NYC kid — I think I first had sushi in college. The celebration continues with Toy Story 3 this weekend. Hard to believe it was already 6 years ago when we first met the little guy — and he has grown into such a fun, interested and interesting boy. This year, he’s reading and writing — for the first time, he is writing all of the thank you notes for his birthday presents. Yay Austin!

Happy Birthday Austin!

Hope you all have a fun weekend planned!


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