My Friend Vince

June 16, 2010

Just one of many casual yet chic looks

I have a hard time finding clothing lines that I can be entirely devoted to. Marc Jacobs will have something nice and then a bunch of other items that are too wackadoodle for anyone over 18 to wear. Banana Republic will have a good season and then two where there is nothing at all. The Gap has pretty much sucked for a while. Tory Burch puts her logo too big all over most things. Zara’s quality is too poor for me. Burberry is kind of boring. Donna Karan comes close in that I can almost always find something that works in the collection. But I think right now my favorite is Vince.

I have a bunch of their pieces that I have been accumulating for a few years now, and I love every one, still. Their specialty is sweaters, but I also have a few dresses that are fab. The key is  that they do colors that never go out of style (black, navy, gray) in luxurious knits (mainly cashmere or cashmere blends) in just enough of an unusual cut to make the piece special. It’s not too out there, but out there a bit so that you look unique and fresh.

It can be a bit pricey (tops generally run from $125 – $350 — but let’s be honest, everything else is in this range too) and I think their t-shirts are no better than anyone else’s (and way overpriced) but you can sometimes find things on sale at Bloomingdale’s or Neiman Marcus. (Although I recently invested in a couple of their tank tops and I do think they’re particularly nice.) They also have their own stores around the country — one is in the Meatpacking District in NYC and I was in one this week in the Short Hills Mall. I got a couple of sweaters there — my favorite is one where the v-neck is off center. The Vince stores have a bigger selection and a nice sales staff. According to one of the women, it’s an American company, privately owned, and no, neither owner is named Vince.

Check it out online here.

Coach at Penneys?

The only time I have ever stepped foot in JC Penney was when I went to have my kids’ portraits taken. I find the store vaguely depressing. But if Coach develops a rumored line for them, I may have to check it out. Let’s just hope they use real leather.

It’s Coming!

I have no idea what this photo means but it is the first image released from the upcoming season of Mad Men and I am so excited for its return that I had to post it. Now would be the time to start watching back episodes on demand if for some unknown reason you haven’t started watching this weekly 60 minutes of genius. Seriously.


Isn’t the end of the school year crazy?! I took Austin to his class picnic over on the Hudson. Lots of fun. Felt like some sort of poster child for working moms — working, leaving a little early to pick him up from swimming, grabbing the picnic I packed the night before, heading over to the river and never letting anyone see me sweat.

Then I brought home the bacon and fried it up in a pan.



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