Parents Online

June 15, 2010

Have you read the article from the Times last week about the harms of being on your computer while you’re around your kids? Ken sent it to me because he thinks I’m on the computer too much. Then I saw everyone started to post it on Facebook. And then guest blogger Denielle sent me a post about it, even though it’s not her time to post. You can read the NYT article here. Seems this really struck a nerve with people. Take it away, Den:

I get texts on current events from the Associated Press. I update our family’s shared calendar on my phone when I am waiting at the dry cleaner and I check email at the supermarket (but not while driving to the supermarket!). I log on to Facebook from wherever I am, send notes to friends and check out their vacation albums. I take pictures and send them to relatives instantaneously. When pigs fly and I am at the gym, I download and listen to music.

When I’m with my kids, they will watch movie trailers for Toy Story 3 or play electronic tic tac toe, memory or checkers.  And I make calls.

In sum, I love my iPhone.

The NY Times is currently doing a series of articles examining “Plugged In Parents” and how the deluge of information from smart phones and other portable electronic devices affects the way people think and behave – and how people parent while under the influence of these devices!  You can imagine their position on the issue.

The irony of reading this article on my iPhone was not lost on me. But I did read it. I then took the not so subtle hint and put down my phone.

And after I hit ‘send’ on this post to Cheryl, I’m closing the laptop, too.


One Response to “Parents Online”

  1. Oh boy, I carry my iPhone with me at all times. From the time I get up, to the moment I go to bed, my iPhone follows me like a true man’s best friend. My 2 year old son even knows how to turn it on, swipe pages, delete random apps, and play with the occasional game. Our kids will learn to love their parent’s smartphones, laptops and other gadgets. That’s who we are… a true geek family.
    I’m scared to read that NYT article now and feel guilty about something which is as natural for me as sleeping. 🙂 Dang… my just way too curious… I’m going to go and read it now…
    thanks for the post!

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