Beautiful Beauty

June 14, 2010

The TONY Awards are seriously on crack — everything feels a tad off, perhaps because it’s live TV (but aren’t they used to live theater?), and they just introduced Mark Sanchez of the NY Jets as “theater aficionado Mark Sanchez.” What???

I really like the makeup line Paul & Joe, but it has become increasingly difficult to find. I think I’ve recommended things of theirs before. The colors are good, it applies nicely, and, the best part, it has some of the most beautiful and interesting packaging around. This is probably due to the fact that Sophie Albou, the woman behind it, is a clothing designer, and that she is French.

I found this site that stocks a lot of Paul & Joe. I think these emery boards definitely take the “bored” out of filing your nails. And aren’t these the most gorgeous blotting papers you’ve ever seen? I think so. And at only $5 each, you probably need them in your life.

I’m also big on their lipsticks. The site has free shipping if you spend $100, and there’s a lot more than Paul & Joe on the site, including an outlet of beauty products. Worth checking out!

Bizarro Land

Until Mark Sanford, I didn’t really think about South Carolina politics. This article from the Times kinda makes you sit up and take notice. This world is crazy, people. Read it and weep here.


Regular readers of Family Favs may have noticed there was no post on Friday. This was due to technical difficulties, meaning that the whole internet connection went down in our apartment.

Or so I thought.

Ken told me that he had checked the main router and there wasn’t a problem. So I assumed it was just busted for the night, closed up the computer and had no other option but to spend more time with said husband. (Note: Tongue kind of in cheek.)

The next morning, it still wasn’t working and I went to check it myself and the router was in fact turned off! So it wasn’t busted, it had been tampered with. Ken swears he didn’t do it, but the jury is out, considering he thinks I spend too much time on the computer and he benefited from my new-found time, if you know what I’m saying.

Hopefully we’re back to normal now!


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