June 4, 2010

The BP chief wants his “life back”? Wow. That’s a good one. Us too.

It’s wedding and graduation time, so chances are you need a gift. There are many places you could go, but Tiffany should be near the top of your list. “But it’s so expensive” you say? It can be, but the truth is they have things to choose at many price points, and people do get excited to see that Tiffany blue box with white ribbon.

Design-wise, they have styles that range from the traditional (crystal and florals) to more modern lines by Frank Gehry and Paloma Picasso. Elsa Peretti just might be my favorite with her organic shapes and mixes of metal and stones. Their website is conducive to browsing in the way you can segregate exactly what you want by type of item and pricepoint.

Recently an Elsa Peretti bracelet I have had for years had a broken clasp. Since I had to return to Tiffany to repair it, I brought along a necklace that was too long on me, to see if they could shorten it. The saleswoman was so nice, she didn’t charge me to fix the bracelet because she said it shouldn’t have broken, and she didn’t charge me to shorten the necklace, because she said I never should have had it so long. I love a store that stands behind its products!

So whether you need a gift for yourself or someone else, it’s a great resource for something special. Chances are you — and the recipient — won’t walk away disappointed.

Start looking online here.

Single of the Week

Ken is living in his fantasy world again, but here goes:

This coming weekend will be just like any other. I will take the kids to the playground, grab lunch at a diner nearby and maybe drive over to Target to pick up a few things, all while stoned out my gourd. Maybe the kids will be in their car seats, maybe not. It’s all good. What I will make sure to do is crank this tune from Marina and the Diamonds, a woman who dices up a bunch of genres from the 70s straight through to today and blends them up into a pretty sweet package. Thanks to Meth Lab Tori for bringing this to my attention. (More on her in a later post.)


It was a short but packed week, and I am fried. Headed off for a romantic weekend…will report back next week.

Enjoy the weekend!


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