The Girls Are Back in Town

May 28, 2010

I woke up with a massive headache, unfortunately, and it has stayed with me ALL day…hopefully it will go away before the blessed long weekend arrives.

Whether you were a regular viewer of Sex and the City on HBO or not, there’s no denying the place in pop culture that Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte hold. It really changed the way women were portrayed on screen (for better or worse). It defined an era with its cosmos, Manolos and black bras under white t-shirts. And it has caused RIDICULOUS lines at Magnolia Bakery, to the point where we had to defect uptown to Billy’s to get our fix . (And a note to the hordes of people who get cupcakes at Magnolia and then eat them on the benches next to Bleecker Park: you just paid almost $3 for that, have some class and throw your wrapper in the garbage.)

I lived on Waverly during most of the Sex and the City years, and they often used to film around the corner. (Fact you may not know: while they said Carrie lived on the Upper East Side, the exteriors of her brownstone apartment were filmed on Perry Street in the West Village. The poor saps who now live there have installed a camera and a chainlink rope distraction to try and keep people from trespassing on the front steps.) In fact, one day I came home to find Sarah Jessica Parker sitting on my front stoop, waiting to resume filming, and I had to ask her to move so I could get inside. She happily obliged.

This weekend the second installment of the movie hits theaters. Yes, it probably won’t be that good. (The pretty abysmal review in today’s NY Times seems to confirm this.) But how can you not go? If only to see how the story plays out, as well as the fashion. When I went to see the first movie, the packed theater literally let out a collective “whoop!” and clapped and cheered when the familiar theme song came on. I suspect that will happen again. And even though the plot may be thin, everyone will leave happy. Because there’s a little bit of Sex and the City in all of us, no?

(On a side note, Austin knows I want to see this movie, and he saw a poster for it and read “Sex-and- the-City” in that halting way you do when you’ve just learned to read. He then pointed to Sarah Jessica Parker and said, “She’s Sex, right?” Yes, indeed.)

Single of the Week

Here’s Ken:

My mother and father were both Japanese immigrants, and I spent the entirety of my childhood in a town called Hopewell Junction. I know what you’re thinking: what a guido. Indeed. I would spend hours cruising in my ’84 Nissan Stanza, killing time between tennis practice and studying for my physics achievement test. If this song by Effie (featuring Pharrell) had existed, its synth-a-sonic, droning beat would have been blowing out my windows and trippin’ out the entire Grand Union parking lot.


I feel like this week has been one long haze of random stories: Fergie (allegedly) bribing someone…a hair transplant for Marc Jacobs…Gary Coleman in critical condition…some guy named Lee won American Idol (bye Simon)…a Pussycat Doll won Dancing with the Stars (duh)…

But now: long weekend in the house! Everybody say “hey!”

Have a good one…


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