City Gal

May 27, 2010

Before we get to Rebecca taking us on her adventures in the big city, for those of you in the Chelsea area, there’s a new addition to the neighborhood: Chelsea Cove, a beautiful new carousel, a 15,000 square foot skate park, and a huge new field to play in. It’s on the piers just north of Chelsea Piers. Check it out here, and enjoy!

Last week was a big NYC week for me.  Too busy. Too crazy. Too hot. Too cold. Too late, I’m sold, again, on NYC.  Not quite sure of the lyrics, but that song went off in my head. Anyway, I met up with some friends and we went out to a great dinner in Chelsea.  Tipsy Parson is the name.  Funny name, great place.  The food was beyond yummy and flavorful. Loved the hip atmosphere.  Great bar.  All good.  Ya gotta go!

On our way to Tipsys, we stopped at Billy’s Bakery. A baker was in the front window mixing the frosting, and you wanted to break through the window and start licking it. My friend and I bought cupcakes – delish!

The next night, I was back in the city to see the musical American Idiot.  That show has been so hyped. Here’s my review. See the real Green Day in concert, instead, at Jones Beach this summer or wherever it is that they’re playing. All in all, the music, scenery and dancing were good. The problem for me was the lack of a story line. The audience gave around ten standing ovations.  My group was ready to leave after 45 minutes.

There is a side story to our experience seeing the show.  I went with some of my family, my husband being one of the people.  He doesn’t truly enjoy the Broadway experience.  So the four of us sit down and no sooner are we in our seats when we need to stand up to let someone into his seat. That someone was a poster child for Rochester Big and Tall, not that there is anything wrong with that.  He proceeded to take the seat next to my husband.  This was not my husband’s night.  So, let’s paint this picture a little more clearly.  My husband was racing to get dinner before he was forced to see the show.  He decided to grab a slice of pizza with only 15 minutes to spare before show time.  We went to one of those sweaty, hot, dirty table places.  The kind of place when you’re at the table and you don’t know the last time it was cleaned. It has the loud air-conditioning blaring, even in the winter time. Where you inevitably are sitting by the bathroom. As you know, those theater seats are small to begin with.  He doesn’t like shows, and NOW he had to sit for two hours and share his seat with someone three times his size.  We all (me, my mom and my sister) offered to switch seats with him, but he wouldn’t budge.  Who can you make fun of if not your husband?  Needless to say, I will not invite him to a Broadway show again.  Unless, of course, our daughter is in it.


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