May 25, 2010

Fresh as a daisy...

No, I didn’t watch Lost, so stop asking!

I read this tip for telling if eggs are ok to use or not and I had to pass it along.

You can put the egg into a bowl of water (gently). If the egg sinks to the bottom and lies on its side, it’s fresh. If it sinks and stands with the large-end up, use it in the next few days as it’s on its way out. And if it floats, throw it out.

I never knew that!


Caroline Kennedy sports Kors

I have seen this one Michael Kors dress on everyone lately — it’s bizarre. I mean, good for him in that clearly he created a dress that everyone loves, but it’s enough already. The first time I saw it was about a month ago on Kelly Ripa, on her morning show. (I believe she actually wore it twice.) Then I saw it in Vogue on some rich socialite, and then somewhere else on Aerin Lauder, who I know if friends with him (and has a new makeup line with him, too). Then this morning Caroline Kennedy was sporting it on Good Morning America, talking about the Profiles in Courage awards. So congratulations, Michael Kors, I think you created the dress of the season. And to all  you fashionistas, boo — it’s time to get a little more creative and stop following the pack! (If you’re into following the pack, you can get it for $1,495.00 at Bergdorf Goodman here. Frankly I can’t believe the thing isn’t sold out with all of the exposure it has been getting.)

Deja Vu: Kelly Ripa in Kors

What’s interesting is that it photographs differently every time — sometimes it looks more pastel-ish, other times it’s more gray tones. In fact if you do click on and look at it on Bergdorf Goodman, if you zoom in you get a totally different pattern on it close up.

Anyway, wear it now because no one would dare take this thing out of her closet next year.

Plenty More

I like the Plenty line from Tracey Reese a lot, and now word comes that they’ll be expanding into shoes, with a price range of $95 – $200. That seems reasonable, depending on what they are. She is one of the few African American women with a line of her own, so I think her success is great for the industry. She has a shop down on Hudson with both her lines, and department stores like Lord & Taylor carry Plenty, so perhaps they’ll carry the shoes as well.


They were filming the new Smurf movie out in Times Square today. It’s so funny, because nothing was really happening and the tourists were standing and taking pictures of the crew. I don’t know much about it except that it’s a live-action/animation mix, Hank Azaria plays the evil Gargamel, and Neil Patrick Harris is in it (of course he is!). I have to believe that means there’s some sort of song and dance number…


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