Da Bomb

May 5, 2010

I wrote this post to go up on Sunday night, but due to a WordPress snafu, it seems to have never posted. So here it is now!

Nothing like a bomb scare to liven up the weekend! So crazy — big ups to the street vendors who alerted the cops to the smoking car. I go by those guys almost every day — I’ll have to thank them. I heard Mayor Bloomberg is taking the police officer who first checked out the car out to dinner at Bluefin. I’m like, take the street vendor! It is true what they say: if you see something, say something.

For today’s post, let’s talk about all the positive things we did in NYC this weekend, in the heat.

Friday afternoon we volunteered in Central Park and ended up raking, weeding and pulling out unwanted trees from a patch on 85th Street near Central Park West. There were about 20 of us, and it took us over two hours to make it right. The woman from the park told us that there is one gardner assigned to 7 – 10 acres in Central Park. ONE! So we made that gardner’s week with the work we had done. Those leaves had been there since last fall. It always feels great to make a difference, and you realize how hard it is to have a job which requires physical labor all day. Hats off to you!

On Friday night we took some friends out to dinner to Picholine. They had done us a big favor, and we wanted to say thanks in a nice way, and Picholine fit the bill. If you are looking for a really special evening out, the restaurant itself is lovely, the cheese course is truly a New York experience in itself, and the menu has all kinds of goodness on it. The scallops were quite tasty. Chef Terrence Brennan is a standout in NYC. It’s $92 prix fixe, but it really is a full, wonderful night out. Jackets required for gentleman.

Saturday we met some friends for brunch and took the kids over to the playground in Union Square. It’s recently redone and they did a nice job, but it could use some more shade!

Saturday night we took the kids to the Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle and hit Landmarc. It’s a great place for kids! They have a fairly extensive children’s menu, and you can choose fries or carrot sticks for their side dish, and then they get an artfully prepared mound of pink cotton candy for dessert. The kids loved it! For adults, the moules frites with pesto and cherry tomatoes was quite tasty, as was the Mediterranean salad we split to start. They have everything from pasta to steak, so there’s something for everyone. They don’t take reservations, but it’s a fairly large place, and you can always walk around the mall if you need to kill some time waiting.

We went old school West Village for lunch today and hit Cafe Loop. They have a jazz brunch on Sundays and the kids enjoyed the live music. Addison was their most ardent clapper! There’s no kids menu but they’re very amenable to sharing, and the cinnamon raisin french toast with bacon and strawberries splits well. It’s a night date place at night, too. There aren’t many of those type places around anymore, unfortunately, so you tend to get an old-time West Village crowd, too, which I kind of like.

I bribed the kids to try on sandals at The Shoe Garden with the promise of a Slurpee. I don’t love the Shoe Garden whole-heartedly, because I think most of their offerings are too pricey, but it is nice to have a children’s shoe store nearby, so I do try and support it when I can. They have a live lizard which keeps the kids occupied.

Now that a 7-Eleven has opened on 14th Street, on a hot, hot day, Slurpees for everyone! At $1.79 and more than 6 different flavors to choose from, you can’t beat it.

See, life goes on, no matter what disaster has been stopped (thank goodness).

Just remember, car bomb or no car bomb, NYC will always be, (wait for it) da bomb. Thank you and good night!


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