Some Things Are Forever

April 30, 2010

My morning started with Austin asking/telling me: “Mom, you know what would be crazy? If someone made a monkey come alive in the bathroom.” And all you can do at that point is agree, because yes, that would be crazy!

Does anyone really send snail mail anymore? Yes, they do, whether it be bills or cards or (heaven forbid) an actual, hand-crafted letter. Yes, the postal service is losing money due to emails, etc., and yes, they seem to raise the basic rate quite often. So if you’re going to send, be smart and buy yourself the Forever stamps. They’re not the prettiest of things (how much Liberty Bell can you take?) but you can use them forever, no matter what the postal rate rises to. No more fumbling for one cent stamps, no more not using stamps because they’re not the right postage.

Here’s a tip: don’t wait til the threat of a rise in postage looms large to buy them. They seem to sell out and the postal service mysteriously runs out right around then. Keep them handy throughout the year and you’ll never be caught short!

Single of the Week

Here comes Ken:
In the May issue of People Style Watch, the cover story is “325 Fun & Flirty Looks for Drifters.” It previews the latest wares, whether you’re spending the night rifling through a dumpster or have an early morning meeting to find half-used cigarettes on the sidewalk. People are raving about the gray toggle coat smeared with four-day old bean dip, the plaid taffeta shirtdress that smells like pizza forgotten in someone’s pocket, and a chic red velvet camisole that 5 acquaintances have used as a tissue. The perfect musical accompaniment to these fashions is Son Volt, son of the 90’s Uncle Tupelo, cousin of Wilco and personal favorite of mine. It’s equal parts wanderlust, steel pedal and blue plate special. Enjoy the crowd favorite, “Tear-Stained Eye,” here:
Click here and play it with Lala. (You get one full play. After that, it’s a 30-second clip.)
Don’t Mistake Them For One of Them
Apparently the makers of AriZona Iced Tea are fearful of a boycott given that state’s new immigration law, but the stuff is actually made in New York, so there’s no need.
There was a week working for Vogue on sale for charity, and apparently someone paid $42,500 in the winning bid. That’s like 2 assistants’ salary at Vogue!
Well the weekend is just about here, and it is supposed to be GLORIOUS! Lots of warmth and sunshine. Sounds like a recipe for F-U-N.
Hope you enjoy and your allergies don’t flare up!

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