Come to Mama

April 29, 2010

Maybe the poison explains George Bush’s years in office…

Please come home with me...

Anyway, today let’s talk about shoes. Specifically, Sigerson Morrison. As a gal on the go, I spend most of my life in flats, running to catch the subway, keeping up with my kids and walking a marathon every few days. (That’s no joke, actually. I wear a pedometer most days, and apparently a marathon is 52,400 steps. I do that in three days.) Sigerson Morrison and their (slightly) lower priced line, Belle, manages to make flats that are interesting and wearable. No easy feat. Yes, they’re pricey (the signature line runs $450 or so a pair), but you can always wait for a sale to make your dreams come true. (There’s actually a sample sale happening at 123 West 18th Street til Friday, April 30th, but my experience is that things are mighty picked over.) I have many pairs of their shoes and I have never seen anyone wearing the same ones I have. In a world where everything is mass produced and mass distributed, you gotta love that. Check out the full line here. They’re the kind of shoes that make an outfit. (You can also find the line at better department stores, like Neiman Marcus.)

Also, on Thursday, it’s the Manolo Blahnik sample sale at the Warwick hosted by Vogue‘s Andre Leon Talley. I have never been anywhere near that sale, and I can only imagine the crazies that come out for it. Enter at your own risk.


I was up so early this morning, because I wanted to work out before I had to be down on Wall Street by 8am. The security ad traffic down there is really insane. I had a terrible cab driver who ended up dropping me three blocks from where I needed to be and it was cold out!

It all adds up to me being super tired. So I am outta here…


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