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April 28, 2010

Let’s go old school. Get your head out of Wikipedia and back into Wiki Stix. Yes, those colorful strips of string covered in wax and able to be twisted and stuck into a myriad of possibilities. Cleaner than play-doh but still oh so much fun, they’re perfect to pack into your go-to pack for heading out to restaurants with little ones. (In fact, some restaurants are smart and generous enough to hand them out with their kids menu when you sit down. If that’s the case, make sure to take them for future outings.) Our favorite is to mold several of them into giant pinwheels.

Many people I know refuse to go out with their kids to restaurants, lest they have to deal with messes and messy behavior. But it’s inevitable that you’ll have to take the babes out of the house at some point, and it is entirely possible to have a great time going out all together. You just have to be realistic in your expectations.

1. Pick a kid-friendly spot. This does not mean McDonald’s. This just means a restaurant that is prepared to have little ones join the fray. My test if I’m not sure is to call and ask if they have high chairs. If they say yes, I know it’s okay. The Cheesecake Factory added a kids menu last year. In New York, places like the Landmarc restaurant in Tribeca and the Time Warner Center and Philip Marie in the West Village have pretty extensive kids menus, and highly sought after parent grub, too. Places like that will also be more understanding if there happens to be a meltdown.

2. Bring some entertainment. Depending on the age of your child, you need a bag of tricks to keep them occupied while the food is being prepared. Crayons and coloring books, the aforementioned wiki stix, a small action figure, a pretty pony — anything your child wants that will make them happy. And the bread basket works wonders, too.

3. Have them bring the kids’ food with your food. This is a classic mistake. If they bring the food for the children long before anyone else’s, what the heck are they going to do when they finish eating and your food hasn’t even arrived yet? Bother you, no doubt. So take your lumps up front, and you may have a shot at eating in peace.

4. When all else fails, threaten the loss of dessert. Works like a charm every time.


Vera Wang is designing a new line of (much) lower priced wedding dresses for David’s Bridal…Hansen of “Mmm Bop” fame is back with a new album and promoted it with a Letterman appearance last week…


Had a meeting at work today with the director M. Night Shayamalan (Sixth Sense), and he really seems like a likable guy. He does some self-deprecating humor about his highly secretive ways, and I always find it endearing when someone doesn’t take himself so seriously.

I have to go to the New York Stock Exchange tomorrow for work, and they don’t allow open toe shoes or sleeveless dresses. Hmmm…not sure what I should wear.

Anyway..busy week! Hope you’re well…


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