Itchy Eyes, Runny Nose…

April 23, 2010

Where art thou?

You know what I want to talk about today? Zyrtec! And do you want to know why I want to talk about it? It is sold out in this freakin’ city! That is how bad allergy season is: you cannot get your hands on Zyrtec. I went to three different Duane Reades today and the shelves are bare. Poor Austin seems to be old enough now to have full on allergies and I cannot get the children’s liquid to give him and relieve his symptoms. It was family morning at his school and his teacher pulled me aside to tell me about his allergies and how he was rubbing his eyes after they were outside playing. The pharmacist on 14th Street assured me they’d get another shipment tomorrow, so we’ll see. Is it sold out in other parts of the country?

The big things doctors say to do to lessen symptoms are bathe before bed, so you get all of the pollen out of your hair and off your body; and sleep with the window closed at all times. Good luck — this year is bad. And the season is until the end of May.
I just had to laugh this week that the Republicans all of the sudden changed their tune on financial reform once they got wind of the poll numbers in which just about every breathing American wants Washington to put some regulations in place to stem the greed. Talk about waking up and smelling the coffee…
I forgot to mention a week and a half ago that Ken ran into Sarah Jessica Parker, two of her children and a rabid pack of paparazzi one morning after he dropped Austin at school. We see SJP and her family fairly often since they live nearby, so that wasn’t really the crazy part. The photographers are so aggressive, and so in your face, it truly is distressing for these kids. If I were her I almost wouldn’t take them out. When you see the photos you think the cameras are a safe distance away, but when you actually see it, you realize they are only a foot or so away — it’s a complete invasion of personal space. And it’s not just one, it’s like 50. Check out one of the photos from this shoot here. Ken is just off to the right somewhere, waiting for the light to change.
Single of the Week
This week’s single incorporates two topics begging for press in today’s multi-tentacled media landscape. The first is the NHL playoffs: Ovechkin, Sid the Kid, the Coyotes, the tailwinds from Team Canada – take time to take in the speed, the carefully constructed chaos and legalized fighting of the world’s best hockey league. Then give a nod to another favorite Canadian pastime, Rush, whose tour this summer will include the first time “Moving Pictures” will be played in its entirety and documentary that will premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival. That roar, friends, is the sound of guitar store employees and tech support staff around the world in rapture. (A true cause for celebration, since rapture for these guys is usually self-derived.) To celebrate, let’s see Rush drummer Neil Peart’s new iteration of the sacred Canadian Hockey Theme.
You know what? Rush sucks.
I had a quick and lovely lunch with guest blogger Rebecca today — even though we didn’t have a lot of time, it’s always great to laugh and catch up.
Well people, the end of the week is finally upon us. Can I get an “Amen!”?

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