Just 3 Things: Busting a Rut

April 21, 2010

Regular readers will know I was recently complaining about being stuck in a routine of going to the same old, same old restaurants, particularly with the kids. And what I realized is that it actually takes very little to change the mindset and feel fresh again. In fact, it takes JUST 3 THINGS!

1. Keep it simple. You know that thing that you’ve been wanting to do forever but just haven’t got around to it? Do it. Now. This weekend. Soon. Being able to cross that thing off your invisible list will do wonders for your sense of accomplishment. For me it was making some reservations at some new restaurants, trying out a babysitter I had wanted to add to my rotation of nighttime sitters, changing the kids’ clothes over from winter to spring and donating a huge bag of stuff to Housing Works. Not a huge time investment, but necessary, and once I focused and got it done I felt fantastic.

2. Plan something in the not so far future. I am a big planner, and one of the reasons I like it is that it gives me something to look forward to. I find that’s a huge motivator for keeping myself positive. When we were younger, childless and the dollar was stronger (oh, the ’90s), my husband and I went on a lot of long weekends to Europe. Airfares were relatively inexpensive, we loved going there and so we’d plan 4 or 5 day trips to Paris, London, Rome, Florence and other great cities. And the consistent reaction we’d get from people was, “I’d love to do something like that. How do you do it?” And the real answer was: we just do it! We call and we book and we go. And so, as our friends at Nike would say, just do it. Pick a week or a weekend and choose somewhere near or far. The important thing is that you’ve planned it, you’ve committed the time and you’re excited. Enjoy it.

3. When all else fails, do nothing. Some of my favorite days in New York City over the years have been days when nothing was planned, and things just happened. Lovely neighborhood walks, newly discovered shops, long lunches in an out of the way garden…If you’re at all like me, things get so scheduled that there’s rarely a moment to just chill. So break that rut and just stop. Everything. For 24 hours, you’ve got nowhere to be. You’re just going to be. Sleep in, curl up with a book, take your kids to the park and indulge. Because time truly is the greatest luxury of all.

Come back to me, Mad Men

July 25th, people!!! Mad Men will be returning to AMC during the long, hot summer. Season 4 cannot come soon enough. The few shows I’m watching have either not had any new episodes in several weeks (30 Rock) or have wrapped up and gone off the air (Ugly Betty). What’s a girl to do? (Besides blog, of course…) Very excited to get back to business with Don Draper and the gang.


Are my doormen going to strike? It’s 10:30pm and I do not know. For all of you non-New Yorkers who wonder what all the big hubbub is, they really are the backbone of how buildings function: accepting packages, food deliveries, guests, taking the trash out and on and on. This is going to be interesting — they have until midnight to work out a deal.

Is it the weekend yet?



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