It’s Magic!

April 8, 2010

You know those samples that come in magazines for perfumes and creams and other such beauty products you probably don’t need? I often rip them out, but I rarely actually use them. So they end up collecting dust somewhere until I get the motivation to throw them out (and in the process drive my husband insane, which is half the fun, really).

But recently I ripped one out for L’Oreal’s Studio Secrets #1 Magic Perfecting Base. And in the same issue of Vogue, there was an article that talked about the new Studio Secrets line of products that were all about creating near-perfect skin. This piqued my interest because I am a firm believer that no matter how much makeup you slather on, if you don’t have great skin, it’s all for naught. (Note to marketers: the double whammy of insert AND editorial got me.) So I tried the product, and it really does work! You put it on any areas that have lines or large pores and it smoothes everything out and creates an even palette to put on your makeup. Think of it as spackle for your face.

A couple of notes: use it sparingly; truly a dab will do ya. And it says you can use it alone or under other makeup, but I’m not sure why you would use it alone. It doesn’t do much but fill in, which only seems to make sense if you’re putting concealer or something on top.

The best part is that the product retails for $12.95, and it will last. (And for all you New Yorkers, it’s on sale right now at Duane Reade. With your rewards card you save $2.) There are plans for other Studio Secret products to debut in the coming months — I have high hopes after trying this inaugural product!

Really, Airlines?

You knew it was coming — Spirit Airlines will now be charging people for their carry on luggage on planes.

It has really gotten ridiculous with the nickel and diming — the best part is that in trying to defend the move, an airline exec said something along the lines of, “Well, you wouldn’t show up to FedEx and expect them to ship your package for free.” Yeah, but I wouldn’t have already shelled out over $500 bucks for a FedEx ticket. Hello?! Just say you want to try and eek out every last dollar, and leave the sorry excuses at home. And while you’re at it maybe the airlines need to blow up their business model and start fresh, because the route that they’re going is alienating more and more customers. I know I try to avoid flying if at all possible — and I’m someone who loves to travel!


I didn’t sleep so great last night and I am paying for it this evening.

I cannot believe it hit 90 degrees in NYC today. It’s too hot! This is where global warming gets depressing, because I love spring! Anymore, you get maybe one or two gorgeous spring days and then bam! It goes right to sweltering. It’s like a summer night outside. (And this weekend it will be in the 50s, meaning everyone will be sick by Monday.)

One of our favorite neighbors is moving! Such a bummer. A couple down the hall. This is the second time we’re losing good neighbors because of how expensive our neighborhood is. Both couples moved to the Upper West Side because they got double the space for less money. Maybe we should get out of here! (Not gonna happen — I’m a downtown kinda gal.)

Hope your week is going well.


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