Make It Stop

April 6, 2010

File this one from Rebecca under “you are not alone”:

I wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy.  Okay not really, but if I hear that song one more time I am going to start brushing my teeth, when I wake up with a bottle of jack. These past few days were a little stressful for this blog writer.  As you’ve read in my other entries, I am busy with kids, planning events and, not revealed until now, residential real estate.  The past two days I have had severe writer block, because of preparing for the religious holiday, Pesach or Passover as it is commonly known.  Showing houses, doing desk time at the real estate office, driving my kids to activities, school, friends, malls, doing their laundry, cleaning the house and taking care of a new dog (with no electric fence).

Where to begin? Let’s start with Passover.  I cooked an outrageous brisket for 3 days.  Made a fish terrine that tastes just like gefilte fish and had my whole mishpokhe over for the Seder.  My parents, my brother his wife and two little girls, and my sister, her IBMer husband and their two boys.  The 10 year old boy is polite and kind and the 7 year old boy is funny and sweet, but he can create an atmosphere of total chaos within a matter of milliseconds.  I guess you can predict how the Seder went.  I also have a 6 year old boy who can cry and create a state of massive unrest with the best of them…We were doing well at the table for about five minutes until my boy hit his 10 year old cousin in the privates and his 7 year old brother came to his defense by smacking my son…my 5 year old niece just kept following the boys around…that annoyed my son and kept him crying after the family jewels incident.  All the while, Poppy kept yelling at everyone to try to get them to read the prayer book.

Well, there is always next year!

My mom also invited a friend she worked with a million years ago.  That friend has a 9th grade son who is named Henry Aaron (you know, like the famous baseball player).  He sat at my Seder table with a Boston Red Sox hat on.   Nowhere in Wikipedia does it mention Aaron playing for the Boston Red Sox! And there is no mention in the bible about Moses wearing a Red Sox hat either!  I also have a 9th grader, a girl.  My daughter was none too thrilled to hear that a boy, with a baseball player’s name, was coming to her Seder, and she had no sidekick with her to mock him.  This morning I found out she had been texting her friend all night, about the horrific burden that had been placed on her in her own HOME.  My daughter plays the guitar and has a preference for Taylor Swift (how unlikely).  We found out Hank plays the piano, so with some excitement I asked, “Do you know any Taylor Swift?”  He answered, “Sure, I do.”  Turns out, he was mocking ME for asking and I assume for being an adult trying to get involved with teenagers.  Kids!!!!

The evening ended with my mom’s friend clogging my sink.  What else is new?


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