It’s A Stretch

March 26, 2010

This is how you do it!

From time to time my left knee gets a pain in it, and I have been convinced it’s because my hamstrings get too tight. But this week in pilates my instructor insisted that from the cardio I do at the gym — mainly the elliptical and the treadmill — my quads are tight, which in turn pulls my knee cap out of alignment. And presto: there’s the knee pain. Apparently, it’s pretty common.

The fix? Stretching out your quads every darn day. (As she put it, “Humans are not meant to run. They need to stretch. Dogs? Horses? They don’t need to stretch. But people? You need to stretch.”)

So I’ve been sure to stretch my quads after my cardio sessions this week. No knee pain!

You stand next to something you can hold, pull your other leg, bent, up and grab onto your foot. Pull until you have a nice stretch in your thigh muscle. Hold for five to ten seconds and repeat on the other side.

Whether you have knee pain or not, it’s a good stretch to incorporate.

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

The farmers market in Union Square is one of the treasures in the city: amazing produce, herbs, meats, baked goods, jams, plants, flowers and more all direct from the farm. We love having it down our street.

And now comes word that Pier 40 on the Hudson in Greenwich Village is being turned into a farmers market which will rival Union Square within 3 years. That’s pretty awesome.

Single of the Week

Here’s Ken:

I’ve always harbored an intense desire to do three things in life: watch Cornell play in the final four, play weak-side linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys and meet a Swedish gal who’s into robots. On the first, the Big Red are only two games away from a date in Indianapolis. I’m currently pursuing the second by sending sports agents video of me totally destroying Austin in the 40 yard dash and opening up new jars of pickles. The final goal is also within reach with Swedish indie-electro-pop star Robyn and her single “Fembots,” which follows the android-themed hits “Robotboy,” “Bionic Woman” and “The Girl and the Robot.” I’ve emailed her a few dozen times, asking her to meet me for lunch, preferably somewhere that has a lunch special. As of this writing, she has not replied. Live my dream and check out this pretty cool tune on her official site.

Click here and scroll down to take a listen.


I cannot believe that Discovery is reportedly paying Sarah Palin a million bucks an episode for a travel show about Alaska.

We are on vacation next week and so Family Favs will go on holiday as well. Happy Passover, Happy Easter, and a wonderful start to spring to you all!!

Keep on truckin’.


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