Give Me Liberty

March 12, 2010

The original Liberty store in London

Several years ago, Target got the genius idea to mix high and low, and go after talented, high end names to create product lines for them. Michael Graves, Isaac Mizrahi and Philippe Starck were some of the earliest, and, frankly, some of the best. Target got the cachet of the names and the names got, well, oodles of cash. They started to do ones that were for a limited time only — Paul and Joe, Thakoon, Proenza Schuler, Luella (all good) and Jean Paul Gaultier, Gryson, Rodarte (all bad) to name just a few.

Get ready, because one of their best collaborations is hitting stores this Sunday: Liberty of London. I previewed the collection at a pop-up store they opened for the weekend at 42nd Street and 6th Avenue.Even though I went on the first day the shop opened, many of the shelves were picked bare already. It’s that good!

Liberty, as you may know, is a store in London off Regent Street that specializes in its own floral prints.(Apparently they have over 43,000 prits in their archives!)  The prints are then applied to anything and everything: shirts, bedspreads, makeup bags, etc. And that’s exactly what Target has lined up. My favorites are the teapots and little girls’ dresses, but there’s so much more: pillows, rain boots, ties, totebags,bicycles,  lingerie, bathing suits…and on and on. The best part is that not much tops $19.99.  I bought Addison a bunch of dresses, a skirt and a bathing suit.

Check out a preview of the collection here and then get ready for Sunday, when it goes on sale.

Here’s Ken with the Single of the Week

Dear Justin Bieber,

Adolescence is the sword of Damocles that dangles above your impeccably coiffed head. One day, when you are in a meeting approving the design of your own line of pinball machines, that blade will drop, beginning the unsympathetic process of turning you from a nonthreatening, effete prancing pixie into a man. It will thicken your chest, triple your insecurities and fill you with lascivious intent. Most of all, it will deepen your voice, and the folk-rock album you put out years after under the identity “J.B.” will fail terribly, because you can never outrun your youthful spunk.

But until that time, I cannot resist your bubbly hits, coy gazes and skinny jeans. I would want my son to be like you. In fact, I’m making my son be like you. I am making him dance and dance and dance as I write this. And when he is too tired, he will dance some more. And then I will feed him. While he watches my favorite video of you:


We were at an event this morning where Justin Bieber performed that song and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. Clearly neither can Ken.

It is supposed to pour here all weekend. Blah! We’re determined not to let it rain on our parade — I suggest you all do the same!


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