Bahamas Done Right

March 4, 2010

Today we have the first of our regular guest bloggers here at Family Favs. Rebecca is up with her tips on visiting the Atlantis, which is so funny because just yesterday I was talking to my friend who is going there about how expensive it is. But Rebecca has some tips on that:

Well here it is…my first blog entry!

I recently traveled with my family to the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas.  It’s Disneyworld for the Caribbean for those of you who have not been. The only difference is at this type of Disneyworld, you tend not to see too many people walking around the hotel property eating oversized turkey drumsticks.  Many a naysayer will say “that’s the most expensive hotel in the Caribbean or Mexico.”  Not true I say…IF you follow the Berman vacation rules.

Rule 1.  Technically you can only have up to four people in a room.  If you are a family of five, there are ways to squeeze into one room (as long as your youngest is under age five)…WINK, WINK.  Fact: There are approximately five different towers on the Atlantis property and they employ over 11,000 people.

Rule 2. Eat at Johnny Rockets, Carmines, Starbucks, the deli, the pizza place and Jamba Juice and it won’t be that hard on the pocket. Or better yet, go off property and explore the many food shacks under the bridge where the shack owners make conch salads with  their bare hands or go to the Arawak fish fry.

Rule 3.  Be on a diet for that week.  Okay, just kidding!

What I do love about the Atlantis is the insanity over all the water slides and lazy river. A favorite pastime of my kids is collecting the wrist bands they give out daily by the pool.  The wristbands allow you access to all of the facilities and each day they are a different color. You have to wear them to go on the slides. My kids love keeping them on their wrists to show off to their friends when they come home.

Another great activity for all the mammal lovers out there is swimming with the dolphins. We didn’t do it this year since my kids were scared last time (not by the dolphins, by the snorkels they had to wear).

For those adventurers out there, as I mentioned, leaving the property can be a lot of fun, but you will not be bored staying your entire visit at the resort.  Fact:  Before Merv Griffin developed Paradise Island, as it is known today, it was a landfill.  So if you go, try to drink only bottled water.  My husband drank the tap water to prove a point (and to save $4 per bottle).  He was fine after he stopped glowing three days after the trip.

One of my favorite “must stop and see spots” is a great watering hole across from the Wyndham Hotel in Nassau, which you pass on your way to and from the airport.  It’s called the Daq Shack and they have THE BEST fresh fruit daiquiris, pina coladas, and rum with any kind of fruit drinks on the island.

For all you romantics out there, I have to give my friend Jennifer and her Dad, Jon (the hotel owners) a plug for the coolest, most colorful, private hotel on the island, Compass Point.  The hotel is made up of private individual bungalows that sit next to the ocean. There is also a restaurant where you can look at the calm blue waters while you dine.

There is one warning I must leave you with:  the only reason not to go to the Atlantis is if your kid loves water slides but he/she is under 48 inches.  Believe me, they measure you!

That’s it from this Bahama Mama!


2 Responses to “Bahamas Done Right”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Hi Cheryl! We went last year with my side of the family and we had the best time. The kids always talk about how it was the best vacation ever! It helped that my parents footed the hotel bill. It is very expensive and we didn’t venture off Atlantis because (as your friend mentions) you never got bored with this place. We knew how expensive everything was going to be so we all brought tons of snack foods. It saved us a lot of money. The adults skipped out on lunch a lot because we had the snacks which tied us down till dinner.

    I would have like to visit the beach where they filmed the Pirates of the Carribean (on the Grand Bahama Island). We’ll have to put that on our list next time we visit the Bahamas:)

    The weather here in Michigan has been beautiful too! I feel like spring is around the corner:)

    • familyfavs Says:

      That’s so nice that your parents took you all there! I’ve heard it’s fun for the kids — when mine get a little older maybe we’ll head there. Glad you guys are having good weather! Hope you’re well — let us know if you’ll be in NYC!!

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