Your Face, Only Better

March 3, 2010

I went to Duane Reade looking for Neutrogena MoistureShine Gloss in Fizz, but that color didn’t seem to exist. So I bought one called Natural Boost, and it really is just that: your lips, but glossier. I like it — it’s not too tacky or heavy, and it looks great on its own or I could see putting it over another matte lipstick to give it some oomph. (I believe that’s the technical term.)

I’m very into the natural look right now — and natural does not mean naked. (As I like to say, it takes a lot of work to look this natural.) Key is a great concealer on any dark circles or red patches, a little powder to set it, something to set off your eyes (I like some brown liner right in the upper lash line; if you’re a mascara person go for that), a little blush so you don’t look like an extra in Dawn of the Dead, and a nude lippy, gloss or stick. (If you tend to wash out, go for a natural lipcolor that has a little pink to it.) This takes no more than 10 minutes and you’re ready to face the world. Naturally. (MoistureShine Gloss is $8.99 at most drugstores, or try

Chynna Breaks

I don’t mean to make light of anyone’s mental state or problems, but in an article in People magazine, Chynna Phillips recently checked herself into a treatment facility for anxiety. She described her overwhelming schedule:  “take the children to school, pick up dry cleaning, pay the nanny, make a dentist appointment, head to Home Depot — oh, and write songs with [my] new singing-songwriting partner…” Seriously? That’s most days for me before 10am! At that rate, I definitely need to be committed. I need to milk this for something — at least a facial. And I suggest you all do the same. I do hope she gets better.

Oscar Watch

In a not-so-good sign for the upcoming Oscars, apparently a skit featuring Sacha Baron Cohen (you know, Borat and Bruno) and Ben Stiller parodying Avatar has been cut from the show because the producers were afraid that James Cameron would walk out of the show in protest mid-broadcast. Come on! It must have been pretty damn good. If they are looking to shake things up, this sounded like a good start. But unfortunately they have apparently told Cohen to stay in London. Maybe Cameron needs to buy a sense of humor with all of the bazillions of dollars he’s made off Avatar

NYC Deal

If you need to come to the city before the end of the month, the Distrikt Hotel in Hell’s Kitchen has a good deal: 3 nights in a standard queen room, a “Distrikt Kit” with maps and a Dean & DeLuca snack basket, all for $480 ($160 a night). 877-424-6423, ask for the Divine Distrikt package thru 3/31.


I woke up this morning and the first thought I had was, “I can’t believe it’s only Tuesday!” That’s not a good sign.

Austin came home from school with a note and a script from his Dramarama teacher, and he has only one line in his class play. I’m kind of incensed for him. The fighter in me wants to call her up and ask why, the realist in me remembers it’s kindergarten and who cares. He doesn’t seem phased by it in the least, so I guess I’ll let it go. But do I really need to show up to see his one line? (I already know the answer to that…)


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