Something Borrowed

March 2, 2010

Is anyone excited for the return of Jay Leno to the Tonight Show?

That’s what I thought. Whatevs. I’d rather read a book. Which brings us to…

When I was a kid, I always went to the library. I remember applying for my library card when I could barely write my name. I would take lots of great books out and sometimes even records (yes, records). Free To Be You and Me went home with me frequently. And we learned that we had to take care of the library books and keep them in one place so that we could bring them back before their due date. Once we brought my friend Mary Catherine to the library with us, she took a book out, and never brought it back. What rubes! Didn’t her family know how the library worked?!

Well, fast forward about 20 years, and it seems people had forgotten about the beauty of the library. Everyone and their kids were going to Barnes and Noble and either browsing or

buying their books there. Once in a while our nanny would take Austin to one of the nearby branches for some activities. I noticed it with our friends, too — no one went to the library.

But this year, Austin’s kindergarten class went on a field trip to the Jefferson Market Library and he got his very own library card. So we’ve been going regularly, and it’s fantastic. The kids pick out books, they can take out dvds — all at no charge. They’re learning the art of taking care of things and returning them on time. Plus each branch has activities like storytime, Chinese Face Painting and Shakespeare for Kids. There are different events at each branch of the New York Public Library, for kids of all ages. To find out what’s going on near you, click here. If you’re outside of NYC, chances are your local library has a long list of great programs too. (For both children and adults.) And again, it’s all free, recession or no recession.

And if your kids are looking for a good read, Addison recommends Pinkalicious, and Austin has almost finished the entire Captain Underpants series. Two thumbs up!

Waiting in Vain

Have you noticed that the wait at the doctor’s office is longer than ever? What is the deal? On Friday we waited over two hours for the orthopedist to see us, and today we waited over two hours for another doctor for Addison. When we questioned the long wait time, we were met with all kinds of excuses, and the orthopedist actually scolded us, saying we were in a doctor’s office and sometimes you just have to wait. Maybe I wouldn’t have been so bent out of shape if the office hadn’t called and told us to get there 45 minutes early.

I know my doctor friends will have a million reasons why this happens sometimes, but here’s the deal: I understand it won’t be to the minute. But if your patients are regularly waiting over an hour when they come for an office visit, something is wrong with your scheduling process. And, newsflash, your patients’ time is just as valuable as yours. There, I said it.


I’ve been in too many doctors’ offices and hospitals over the last week or so — it’s starting to get to us. Well, everyone but Addison. She makes the best of every situation, which I hope will serve her well. She brings her My Little Pony everywhere to get her through any rough patches!

I picked Austin up from school today so I got to see the whole pickup crew — holla! They’re having a big fundraising auction this month so I have to get my donations in before they send their hitmen after me. They are serious.

Hope your Monday was good!


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