Dim Bulb

February 25, 2010

When we were looking for a new lamp, Ken told me that we couldn’t buy anything with a dimmer because it wouldn’t take a CFL light bulb (the kind that saves energy). Pretty much everything at IKEA has a dimmer. So I went somewhere else and spent a lot more money on a lamp that doesn’t have a dimmer. Then I was at Home Depot to try and find an equivalent to a 150 watt bulb (which doesn’t seem to exist, btw) and I see that there are energy efficient dimmer bulbs! So it opens up a whole other possibility of lighting options. And my husband should get his facts straight before we go and buy a new lamp under false pretenses!

The Gilt is off the Lily

Have you guys heard about Gilt, the sample sale site? You supposedly have to be invited to join, but the truth is they let anyone in. And they do have pretty good sales of some high end designers. I’ve made one purchase — actually clothes for Addison — but I do sometimes look through if there’s a designer I like.

What I recently found interesting and disappointing is that in order to keep up with the demand of having so many sample sales every day, they are now having designers manufacture clothes at a lower pricepoint just for them, but they never disclose it. So while you think you’re buying a $2,000 dress for $785, it’s really a dress made with an overrun of fabric and stitched together in a cheaper way. And even though they say it sold for $2,000, it never did. Worse yet, one designer said he uses cheaper fabrics and materials than what was in the store. And Gilt admits its going to be doing more and more of it. Which means I think I’ll be buying less and less. If you can’t trust what you’re getting, what’s the point?

Don’t Cry For Me American Idol Winner

Kris Allen, actually making a lot of $

Did you read about what’s in the American Idol contract they make these kids sign? The shocking thing to me is that they actually pay them pretty well. I always figured they robbed them blind. Turns out a winner like Kris Allen is guaranteed about $650,000 the first year. Certainly nothing to sneeze at. Check out the article here.


Here comes yet another storm! This one is scheduled to last two days. Oy — enough already. Of course on the news they have people out stocking up and hoarding everything in sight.

Is this week going fast or slow? I can’t tell. But I guess we’re over the hump now!


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