Cold Comfort

February 23, 2010

Save me!

As I mentioned last week, I completely jinxed myself by thinking that I hadn’t been sick at all this winter, thus insuring that I got a nasty cold Friday into the weekend, complete with constant running, dripping nose. (Isn’t that the worst? I guess bested by constant vomiting, but that’s another story…) It reminded me that one of the better inventions to come out of the latter 20th century is tissues with lotion. Yes, you may eventually reach the point where your nose is red and raw, but it takes a lot longer to get there with these soft tissues.

I’m partial to Kleenex brand, but all of them make a version with lotion in it. (Kleenex puts aloe in as well!) Even Target’s house brand has it. Some people use regular ones but then break out the good stuff when they actually get sick, because yes, they do cost a little more. I find them so much more comfortable that they’re the only ones I buy — soft tissues for everyone! Now when I use plain old regular tissues they feel rough and harsh and so behind the iron curtain…

The pocket packs come in a lotion version as well — I keep some stashed in the glove compartment of the car and in my purse. So I am ready to go the next time a dang cold hits. And let’s be honest, it’s just a matter of time before it will. (A box of 80 Kleenex tissues with lotion runs about $2.)


They say another storm is supposed to come through but all looks calm across the city. The Empire State Building is a clear blue and green tonight. Maybe it was a false alarm.

My pilates teacher is away for two weeks so I am hoping I can do enough stretching and strengthening on my own that I’ll be ok in the meantime. I definitely feel like my hamstrings are the root of most evil. I’ve been using this giant rubber band to stretch — I lie on my back, one leg in the air, put the band around my foot and pull the leg toward me in a massive stretch. It definitely helps to release my lower back too.

Hope your Monday was tolerable!


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